Michael Vick Hosting a Super Bowl Party

What in the Jesus Christ…

According to TMZ, Michael Vick is hosting a Super Bowl Party Friday night in Dallas. The shindig at the Deux Lounge will include the following:

– Michael Vick's own private security team

– NFL provided security detail

– The club's own security

– Wand searches for all guests entering the party

– Three off-duty SWAT team members

OK, let me tell you what's not a good idea: Parties that require that much security.

There's no doubt Vick ran this by the team first, but after what happened last summer, this is a totally unnesscary ordeal for Vick. There are plenty of things to do in Dallas during Super Bowl week. There is no need for Vick to throw his own party. Even the flyers look similar to the ones from July's party.

That grey print on the bottom says the following:

Four-time Pro Bowl QB Michael Vick would like to personally invite you to the only upscale A-list celebrity extravaganza of the 2011 Super Bowl. This will be the primary and preferred destination for iconic personalities from the NFL, MLB, Hollywood, the music industry, & corporate America. Simply put, the premier A-list high soceity even of the 2011 Super Bowl!!

Oh no. Maybe he could just hang out at this piano bar with a drunk Ben Rothlisberger– god I hate that man.

This is it. If something goes wrong for Vick, he's done. He can't afford any more blemishes. Sometimes you just need to make sacrifices.

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11 Responses

  1. There are a lot of rich diva players in the NFL. Can’t he let one of them host something like this and just attend as a guest without more security detail than a head of state?

  2. How’s that old saying go: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Well, clearly Mike hasn’t learned much, if anything from the recent past if he’s tempting fate once again by hosting another party that’s BOUND to attract the dubious members of society. Meanwhile, for anyone suicidal enough to attend his party, be sure to pack your bulletproof vest!

  3. Mike Vick is an idiot! a total freaking idiot! how can he do this NOW! after all the stuff that happened at his “white party” why would he even consider the thought of having another public party??? i dont care WHAT the price is, somehow some way there will be an idiot that gets in, by affording the admission or otherwise! this is just asking for trouble! and i echo the sentiments of PhillyFlash…Doomed to repeat history! It really comes as no suprise that the man is dumb enough to throw another party, i mean hey isnt smart enough to pick up on the outside corner blitz either!

  4. You people are so stupid. An embarrassment to Philly fans. The man is hosting a Party. You want him to NOT live and have fun? Shut the fuck up. He has security.
    Stop being idiots please.

  5. Loki: You DO remember the White Party, don’t you? And the trouble Vick got into that night, right? Look, I’m all for the guy enjoying his life, he deserves to, but he HAS to be smarter about how he goes about his business, and this ISN’T smart, not after the mess he barely avoided last summer which could’ve cost him his career. As for security—pfft! No security in the world, short of armed soldiers ready to shoot at the drop of a hat is enough to stop some fool who’s determined to cause trouble. Could something crazy happen at Vick’s party? Probably not, but why invite the risk in the first place? That’s all I’m saying.

  6. Wonder if he is inviting the People who had to pay for the rehab of the dogs he hurt or maybe he is thinking of putting some of the money he gets towards the cash they had to fork ut on vet bills. Just a thought.

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