UPDATE: Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane, who is in Dallas for the Super Bowl, says Vick told the Eagles he is not attending his or anyone else's Super Bowl party. We called the promoter of Saturday's party and, as of 4 P.M., that was news to him. Vick was and still is expected to attend.

Of course, it's entirely possible Vick hasn't told the promoter yet that he isn't coming. 


Earlier we wrote about the party Michael Vick will be hosting in Dallas on Friday night, which will include his own security team, league security, and SWAT team members.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

On Saturday night, Vick is hosting another party, Michael Vick's Super Saturday Experience Version 2.0, at Mr. Bigs, a "Vegas-stlye" sports bar in Dallas. We're told it's officially being thrown by former Dallas Cowboy Kevin Smith, but Vick is presented as the main host, as you can see by the above screen shot taken from

We spoke to Ellis Dean, a partner at Seven Hills Management & Consulting, the company that is planning and promoting the party. He told us that they cleared the event and its security plan with both the Eagles and the NFL. He said all parties involving Vick must have a "clear cut plan" and the team must be fully aware of what's going on.

Dean said that security will include Dallas police, private detail, and the club's own security team. Dean is not aware of any additional security from the league. But here's the kicker: Like Friday's party (and this summer's party in Virginia), MVSSEV2 (shortened?) is open to the public, with tickets available on Three Rings Weekend's website starting at $50.

Dean tells us there are requests for VIP entrance from other players, agents, and celebrities.

There is nothing wrong (or illegal) with having a party, but Vick has two and half strikes against him and is still on probation. If something goes wrong, even though that may be the slimmest of possibilities, Vick is likely done.

Your thoughts?

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