Last month we mentioned that there was some chatter of a possible Winter Classic at Lincoln Financial Field.  The Flyers have not been contacted yet, but according to Elliotte Friedman of CBC, they are still in the running: [CBC]

Philadelphia has a shot at next year’s Winter Classic, either at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Eagles) or Beaver Stadium (home of Joe Paterno and Penn State football). Canadian version: Montreal really wants it, and will get it at some point. Appears only other possibility is Vancouver, and it would be interesting to involve BC Place’s new retractable roof.


Both scenarios would include the Rangers as the likely opponent (based on general consensus, no real hard fact). However, a game at Beaver stadium would seem to lend itself to a matchup against the Penguins, even though it would be their second season in a row and third Winter Classic in five years.

Nothing concrete yet, but the the door seems to be open. Of course, teams wanting to participate in the Winter Classic have to grant access to HBO. That would be all sorts of awesome to see Carts in his natural habitat.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Gary Bettman spent an hour in studio with Mike Francesa on WFAN in New York talking mostly about the Winter Classic. Hmm. That audio, after the jump- if you have, like, an hour to kill.

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