Neither of these are post worthy, but if I get one more Tweet or email about them, I am going to flip out. So here it is:

– That is really Chase Utley on Facebook. We were the first to mention it a few weeks ago, but I kind of assumed it was a PR person doing the updating. It's not- it's Chase. Ryan Lawrence spoke to him on Monday about it and I talked to his publicist yesterday. Chase and Jen are doing the updating on their own and will use it to… gasp… comunnicate with fans and post about their charitable works. The page has been up for about two years, but Chase wasn't doing any updating until now. No plans for a Twitter account… yet.

Seems Chasey is growing a personality. As I said before, my man crush is just fine with that- I like an athlete who opens up.

– Cliff Lee's BOOM shirt is not for sale. Nike made them for the final four teams last year and only put on-sale the Rangers and Giants shirts. Ironically, Cliff has probably worn two BOOM shirts now.