Roy Halladay is Such a Friggin’ Animal

This picture, Tweeted out by the Phillies, shows footprints in the snow, left by Doc during his workout today at Citizen's Bank Park. He was presumably wearing shorts… again.

Perhaps him and Clifton acted out this scene from the ice planet, Hoth. #R2C2


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  1. Roy is a freak of nature! the man is not human(contradiction much), i just turn into a 11 year old boy again thinking of our pitching staff… and i just realized something that blew my mind…. of all the R2C2 pitchers, only cole has a ring! Cliff Lee….

  2. Treadmills are for the old fatties that go to the gym right after the new year starts as part of their resolution to get in better shape but then realize that a life of fat ignorant bliss is so much easier, then they repeat the cycle next year.

  3. I only speak truths and the occasional fallacy to harass and annoy, which most people would consider trolling.

  4. Bobert must speak from experience. Roy tried running on a treadmill once, the problem was hes to much of a beast and they couldn’t keep up with him.

  5. Treadmills are for the Blanton types. Half Man/ Half Beasts, like Doc need the outdoors. Indoors just can’t hold them.

  6. Runnin outdoors in the cold is good for you, helps your endurance cause the cold constricts your airways and your blood. I run outside before I hit the heavy bag, I find running in the cold and up and down city hills does wonders.

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