According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, Michael Vick has backed out of his planned appearance on Oprah.

There were some rumblings last night (I forget where) that said Vick and the Eagles had some concerns as to how he would be portrayed on the show- basically, he wouldn't have a gaggle of spinsters sitting next to him to correct his every move… like they did by not allowing him to show up to his two planned Super Bowl parties.

You think we're joking? Oprah had to forfeit her $320 (that's hundreds, not thousands or millions) bet with Piers Morgan, (who by the way is sack of an interviewer- really, just awful) over who would land Michael Vick first 20th, because Vick's people were concerned with his name being tied to betting. Oprah is a billionaire.

 Vick is run like a political campaign.

Tim McManus has Vick's statement, which I'll translate here: "My PR folks told me no, because she was going to talk about dogs. I like Oprah, though."