It was reported yesterday by several outlets that Michael Vick would be skipping Super Bowl parties bearing his name. NFL commisioner Roger Goodell even stepped up to defend Vick: [NESN]

"I spoke to Michael three times in the last two weeks about his schedule here," Goodell said. "He has said on numerous occasions people have been using his name about being involved in some type of party and he had no intention of participating in that. I'm extremely proud of what Michael has done. He's taken his responsibility seriously."


It seems as though parties on Friday and Saturday (the second party nobody is talking about) were using Vick's name without his approval. However, as of 4 P.M. on Thursday,when we spoke to the promoter for Saturday night's party,Vick was still scheduled to attend. Or at least the promotoer, Ellis Dean, hadn't yet been told otherwise.

One of two things happened: Either Vick had planned to attend at least one of the parties, or Dean was lying. Both are completely plausible, but by all accounts, Vick didn't wind up attending either party. Well played, Mike.