Henrik, why don't you have a seat? – TCAP

After losing three games in a row, the Rangers are looking for all sorts of excuses. Look no further than… Justin Bieber. [NY Post via Rangers Blog]

It hasn't stopped there either, with Tortorella going out of his way to reference Lundqvist's "struggles" in explaining why he gave Marty Biron a second straight start on Monday.

It's likely no coincidence that the first salvo was fired a night after Lundqvist was photographed with Justin Bieber and Chris Rock on celebrity row at a Knicks game. The inference can be drawn that the coach was unhappy with the goaltender's preparation. Remember how before last season Tortorella expressed concern that Lundqvist was stretched too thin by off-ice appearances.


This guy already reeked of weasly douche, but it's now been taken to a new level. Let's compare. 

Jeff Carter: Snoop Dogg and porn stars.


Henrik Lundqvist: Justn Bieber.

Boys and girls, your New York Rangers.

It should be noted that since Comcast nows owns NBC, along with Versus and 2/3 of Comcast Spectacor, they essentially own the Flyers and every television network they could possibly appear on. This should halt in its tracks any suspected anti-Philly announcer bias. It's such a whiny refrain anyway.

The best part? Ed Snider, who owns the other third of Comcast Spectacor (group that owns the complex, Flyers, Sixers, other venues, etc.), was instrumental in getting the NHL on Versus (OLN at the time), and he wants to keep it there, damnit! [ via BSH]

In addition, the source said, Flyers owner Ed Snider “won’t let the NHL leave” Versus and NBC. “And I’d be very surprised if he would devalue the brand by letting ESPN have even a secondary national cable package.” In addition to his position as a powerful NHL team owner and member of the league’s Board of Governors Executive Committee, Snider is American Chairman of Comcast Spectacor.


The article goes on to say that NBC is now running Versus broadcasts, so we should see an improvement in coverage. Should.

No, no conflict of interest there, with Snider, the Flyers, NBC, and Comcast. Nope, none.

Moving on… 

For all of the hockey bandwagon hoppers out there… Now that football season is over- ZOMG what will you do with your time because you don't understand the intricacies of baseball and basketball doesn't excite you- here's a video that names every player on the Flyers.

If you aren't a phony, no need to watch. For the rest of you- go ahead, click, phony. Big fat phony. Ludqvist and Bieber video after the jump, too.