$10 All You Can Eat and Drink Phillies Tailgate 4/2


As we told you about a couple of weeks ago, along with our friends from Philly Phaithful, we will be tailgating for Clifton's first start with the Phillies on April 2nd. The game is at 7:05, we will be tailgating from 3-7 in F Lot between Lincoln Financial Field and the Wells Fargo Center. Map here.

We're happy to announce that Winner's Circle Sports Grille (Edgemont and Exton) will be our food sponsor. They will be providing burgers and hot dogs.

In addition, we will have beverages and other assorted snacks. $10 gets you access to all of it.

Buy a ticket here. It will get you a cup and all the food you can eat.

We anticipate having plenty of food and drink, but please make sure you buy a ticket online so we have an idea as to how much to bring.

If you don't have tickets to the game, it is SOLD OUT. But there are over 5,000 tickets available at Crossing Broad Tickets. We are directing folks to buy seats in the "Four Aces Zone" (sections 301-305 in right field), currently around $55. Get tickets here.

You have two things to do:

1) Get a $10 ticket for all you can eat and drink from 3-7. Right here.

2) If you don't already have them, get tickets for the game in the "Four Aces Zone." Right here.

See you there.


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  1. do we have to have tickets in those sections do take part in the tailgate…i think its a bit redick to pay $30 in shipping and service fees on top of the tickets i just tried to buy and tried to charge we twice since i wanted two sets of three

  2. hey, not not at all. you can just come to the tailgate, get the tailgate ticket etc.
    i know the service fees are a bit high on tickets, but the game is sold out and those fees are applied by the end platform (stub hub, tickets now, etc) so even if you go to those sites directly, they’ll hit you with the fees.

  3. All-you-can drink? Sounds like a challenge.
    I cannot wait for this game. It is going to be so loud. I want to be there when Lee comes out and the crowd erupts in ecstasy and pure bliss.

  4. What kind of beer are we talking? It’s a great deal either way, I’ll pay the $10 just for the food.

  5. I hate how you’ve become an overpriced ticket scalper. Why do you charge those high service fees?

  6. Carlton- We don’t own the tickets, we just aggregate (that means put together) all of the available tickets. The sale takes place through stubhub, eBay etc. They’re the ones who charge the service fees. Our site just makes it easy to shop for them.

  7. Yet you’re selling the tailgate tickets as well and charging fees for them?
    And my name is Canton not Carlton. I wasn’t on the fresh prince.

  8. Yo Fresh Prince, why don’t you lighten the fuck up. The tickers are sold by stubhub and other sites kyle’s thing just puts them all in one place- it’s rather useful. and 10 bucks for 4 hours of food and drink sounds like a pretty good deal to me. that shits not free u know

  9. @Kyle Miller Lite? 😉
    Just secured my 2 seats for the game on EBay, fuckin EXCITED to see Clifton!

  10. so excited…less then a week away from baseball and now an awesome tailgate! Can’t wait to see Cliff Lee, the ball girls, the phanatic, Cliff Lee, the new HD scoreboard, Cliff Lee, Danys Baez (jk), Cliff Lee, the electric liberty bell, and CLIFF LEE

  11. You don’t need to buy a ticket for the tailgate, you can just show up. Ticket is for food and drink. Not adults only- but need to be 21 to get a cup for beverages.

  12. Because, if you read above, I explained that we don’t inventory the tickets. Simply just refer the sales. That’s all, didn’t want to be redundant for folks.

  13. the man provides a service thats relatively cheap. This is a business. You would pay 7 bucks a beer inside and 4 dollars for a hot dog, so whats the big deal about paying 10 dollars and some processing fees for all you can drink and eat. Its not that big of a problem, CrossingBroad tickets is a very useful tool and one of the only ones i know of on the internet. its also probably not free to run. Everyone should cut the man a break for trying to provide Philadelphia fans with a great way to start the season.

  14. There will always be dickheads, like Carlton, who don’t understand when someone is trying to provide a good service and bring everyone together to have a good time.
    Anyway, wish I could make it to the tailgate this weekend, but I can’t. Can’t wait for the updates though. I’m sure there will be plenty of debauchery.

  15. What beer(s) are you gonna have at the tailgate? Don’t currently have a ticket for this game, but if I do end up picking one up, I’ll be at the tailgate.

  16. @ Mark M. – I always bring my cornhole set so I know there will be at least 1 set there. From the looks of it we’re going to need more than that though.

  17. weather reports indicate that this could end up being opening day, and instead of Cliff Lee we’ll see the good doctor. Can’t complain really…

  18. all you do is try to emulate thefightins and zoowithroy. thefightins were the first to secure a ticket deal and then you did it. thefightins had a tailgate and now you do. i wish you’d shut down your POS blog like thefightins.

  19. Yes, because ticket deals and tailgates are both awesomely original ideas that those 2 sites obviously came up with. In fact, one wonders how I was tailgating 20 years before “thefightins” ever existed since it clearly wasn’t invented yet.
    Funny thing about the internet, you can choose to stop going to a site at any time and as far as you’re concerned it ceases to exist. So my question is, why are you still coming here and commenting?

  20. Funny thing about the internet, I can choose to go on any site I want to and comment about the douchiness of the people that own it/write for it. Yes, tailgating wasn’t thefightins original idea however, when you were doing it 20 years ago it was free. Organizing a tailgate for your “blog”‘s readers before a Phillies game is definitely biting off thefightins.
    Your “blog”‘s owner has been called out many times for blatantly stealing content and posting as his own and this is just another attempt. Just look at that crappy article about the “3 Types of Fans” when he tries to write original material.

  21. dude, you’re dumb. thefightins did not invent tailgating, they did not invent it for blogs, they did not invent charging people for food. you realize you hold your allegiance to a blog that took screenshots of charlie manuel with his hands in his pants, posted pictures of kids drinking, and had penis drawings on site that no longer exists. meanwhile you spend all of your time criticizing a blog that you think sucks. do you know what that says about your life?
    no trying to be a dick. but clearly, there are people in this world with better things to do.

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