Because Bad News for Nyjer Morgan Amuses Me

I'm not sure how much you'll be seeing resident jackass Nyjer Morgan at CBP this year…

Nyjer Morgan made himself very hard to like in the second half of the 2010 season. First, he was suspended for allegedly throwing a ball at a Phillies fan. A week later, he started a brawl with the Florida Marlins after a pitch sailed behind him at the plate. And in October, he was named one of the 12 dirtiest athletes by FOX Sports.

We're talking the epitome of class here, people.

Depsite looking forward to rebounding from what "wasn't a Nyjer Morgan year" in 2010, it seems that Morgan may start the season on the bench because the Nationals have "reached a near-final decision" in favor of journeyman Rick Ankiel. Aaron Gleeman of Hardball Talk has the skinny on the two players:


Ankiel grades out considerably worse than Morgan defensively and has hit just .232 with a ghastly .298 on-base percentage and .388 slugging percentage in 196 games over then past two years. Morgan has hit .279 with a .343 OBP during that time, although certainly Ankiel brings far more power to the table.


Heh. Morgan was also tied for third in stolen bases last year, and he still will probably get benched (that is if he's not sent to the minors or traded). Did you see that tidbit there that Ankiel doesn't even have a .300 OBP? I'm laughing to myself right now.

I guess karma is a bitch for real winners like Nyjer Morgan. You can't allegedly throw a baseball at a Phillies fan if you're not on the field… or the team.


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  1. Grisly numbers for Ankiel to say the least. But I’m guessing he has a better chance to go north with the club because his jackass quotient is greatly lower than Morgan’s. Just a guess.

  2. I like Morgan, if he was a philly everyone would love him. Seems like a bit of a head case, but hey what the hell. although id rather have mccutchen. that dude is nasty.

  3. God, if he was a Phillie I’d hate him.
    Our guys play tough, aren’t afraid to play mean, but they aren’t complete idiots and jackasses.

  4. No, no if he was a Phillie I’d hate him too. We like spunky run-your-face-into-the-fence trying to catch balls, or “How many pitches do I got?” after getting hit in the head players. Or Victorino on the field feisty. Not rabid dog jerkwads who try to hurt fans.

  5. Opening day at Nationals Park last year me and my boys were heckling him in Left Field and he turned around and grabbed his crouch while looking at us. He was then benched and hit the showers early, HA

  6. Wheels is absolutely right. Lets look at the exact examples used:
    Werth cursed out is OWN fans, and it took us about an hour to get over that. Morgan tossed a ball into the stands and it wasn’t caught. There is absolutely nothing definitive that shows it was even remotely intentional.
    If you throw a fastball at my head, you’re going to get charged. Keep in mind, this all originated because he stole second base while the Nationals were LOSING, for which he was inexplicably criticized. If Chase Utley steals that base or comes into home plate hard, then we call him a “Gamer” and someone who plays tough. If I’m a big league catcher and 150 lb. Nyjer Morgan can separate my shoulder, then I need to work out more. He had every right to charge the mound, and he took the consequences.
    Using that Fox Sports link is just as bad as using the GQ link to show how shitty we are as Phillies fans. It doesn’t actually show any proof, its just someone’s opinions based on a whole bunch of nothing.

  7. I wouldn’t take issue with Morgan injuring the catcher if it wasn’t so obvious he went out of his way to hit the catcher.
    Go back and watch the video; if he hadn’t wanted so badly to ram into the catcher, he would have been safe, IMHO. It was a jerk move.
    And as much as I loved Werth, I was disgusted when he barked at the fans (although I can’t say that I wouldn’t have reacted the same way – impulse is impulse). Swearing when you have a ball yanked out of your reach is different from allegedly intentionally throwing a ball at a fan. We’ve all run our mouths when we’re emotionally heated – but getting physical when pissed off is another thing.

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