Phillies_bus_trip1Yay puns!

There are several bus trips already planned for D.C. on Thursday, April 14th. That day will be the third of a three game series for the Phillies against the Nationals.  Given the comments by the jackass fan about Phillies invading his stadium, and Werth's nonstop whining about the Phillies, we thought we would throw our support behind a trip.

Nancy Nguyen, a student at Temple, is planning a bus trip- complete with food and beer- for the 7:05 game on April 14th.

Details: $100 covers game ticket, bus, food, and beer. That's a bargain. Personally, I'll be rounding up a few people to go and would love to see a bunch of CB readers in attendance.

Contact Nancy: if you want to go. More details:


Be there.