Joe Biden Successfully Sells Out His Phillies Fandom

Biden_yankees_capHey, hey, Mariano!

Joe Biden, who is very public about his Phillies fandom, was at Yankees camp today. Somewhere, Mike Richards is proud.

Yeah, yeah… political figure neutrality. I get it. Obama at least wears his White Sox stuff everywhere… even when he's throwing out the first pitch at a Nationals game. Respect.

via Hardball Talk

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10 Responses

  1. Say it ain’t so, Joe.
    I get the idea that Jill Biden is a much bigger Phillies fan than her husband. She was interviewed on WIP in late 2008, and actually paused, for a significant amount of time, when she was asked what was more exciting to her — her husband becoming vice president, or the Phillies winning the WS.
    She was awesome.

  2. Obama wearing a WS hat at a Nats game shows respect? He wears it as a prop. Remember how he couldn’t name his favorite players on the WS when asked last year? What a charlatan. At least Biden is too stupid to know the difference between a Phillies and Yankees cap

  3. @stphen
    He’s actually not – he’s originally from the Scranton area. I guess that *kind of* explains some Yankees appreciation. =/

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