Rejoice! Scott Franzke Signs Extension with Phillies Through 2016

He ain't goin NOWHERE!

Paul Hagen delivered some good news on Twitter today. Larry Andersen is a happy camper and Harry the K is somewhere smiling.  Read for yourself.

Hagen Best news of the day!

There was concern that the radio voice of the Phillies would leave at the end of this season to do play-by-play for his hometown Texas Rangers, which is understandable. But the Phillies fan base have grown very fond of the 39-year broadcaster since his arrival in 2006.

This is turning out to be a good news day for the Phillies… you can now leave comments thanking us for not bitching about Chase Utley and gloom and doom.

Ladies and gentlemen, Scott Franzke, the voice of the Phillies for at least the next five years…

…count it.


11 Responses

  1. Good news indeed.
    Now just stop being jerks and let Sarge say Cadillac Time again, otherwise I don’t want to hear his voice at all.

  2. you just need to put a sticker to cover up the jack daniels label and LA will be just fine. HAHA

  3. They tried Franzke, LA and Sarge together on TV but the awesomeness broke every Television in the Philadelphia metro area.

  4. Don’t the Phillies broadcasting “powers that be” realize that McCarthy, Wheels & Sarge are God-awful on TV? Don’t they realize how many TV’s are muted so we can listen to LA & Scott?

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