Tigers’ Inge Had Patellar Tendinitis, Will Talk to Utley

This guy is going to give Chase Utley advice… yep.

Okay folks, I know we're on Utley overload, but as long as it's relevant we'll report it.

Dan Knobler of CBSSports.com is reporting that Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge has agreed to talk with Chase Utley about his patellar tendinitis. The request was made by the Phillies because Inge had the condition before, and Utley has it now. So… it makes sense.

Inge has yet to speak with Utley, but it seems that surgery was the only thing that helped Inge overcome the condition.

"I know one thing," Inge said. "The pain associated with it is not fun. If it's the same thing I had, he has two options: get it taken care of and miss the season, or really, really suck it up."


Knobler also mentions that Inge's "knees are finally feeling good again, nearly a year and a half after surgery." Basically, the full recovery takes a while.  What's more discouraging… Inge waited almost four months after the surgery to return to the field, but insists even that was still too early.

The only positive from the piece is that Inge was also affected at the plate. Utley has said that he feels no pain when taking batting practice, so maybe Utley's tendinitis isn't as bad as Inge's was… but that's all speculation at this point.

The more we find out… the less positive we become. "Chase Utley News Day" continues folks, but there's still no good news to report.


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  1. Im no doctor but ive been asked this by doctors/ER nurses, “scale of 1-10, how bad does it hurt?”. Ask this to utley then ask that dbag, how bad DID it hurt. we will shortly know if it requires surgery.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Iron Balls. Man… there’s a sentence you don’t say often, haha.
    Got something on Manuel to be posted momentarily.

  3. Yeah, thats who he needs to chat with. For what purpose? He needs to get the fucking surgery and not waste his time chatting with this fuck wafgle. He said what was pertinent. It took a year n a half to feel better. What else needs to be said? Is he gonna share his shampoo with Chase? Lame

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