Video: Flyers History Will Be Made Comeback Commercial, Incorrectly Toots Own Horn

The NHL is releasing another (here's the first) Flyers History Will Be Made commercial. This one is all about the comeback.

The video was posted on, where it was said to be "exclusive" and "something you can't find anywhere else." Actually, it's on the NHL's home page:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here's the video… because that's what you care about.


9 Responses

  1. How pissed am i that we get one of those with Hextall in it and it’s him getting beat by the Caps. killing me, NHL.

  2. Its funny this video came up today bc I was just calling Boston fans clueless for talking about the Yankees playoff collapse and the Bruins in the same rap video they made for a NESN commericial. Seeing that the Bruins just had an epic collapse last year when they were up 3-0 in a series then up 3-0 in game 7 and still lost, the undefeated patriots of 08 who choked in the superbowl, and the 2010 patriots who boston fans said were better then the 08 team who choked as well. I was telling them they shouldnt be brining up other cities playoff collapses while there reigning defending choke artists of the sports world.

  3. I cried a little, partly because of the memory of that series and partly because WE”RE FUCKING CHOKE ARTISTS NOW AND WON”T BE NEARLY AS GOOD THIS TIME AROUND!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That’s just not that great of a commercial. It doesn’t get me fired-up or bring back the feelings from last spring. I liked the slow music and the reverse style from last year better.

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