After Last Night’s Big Win, Mike Richards Took a Moment to Pause, Reflect… and Sell Hats

Mike_richards_interview_hatI love the way the Flyers' camera guy purposely avoids showing the Rednex logo, because they're not an official sponsor

Jesus, Mike. We get it. Your buddies own an outdoor clothing company; but their gallery, Rednex in everday life, which features mostly just photos of you wearing their hats, doesn't exactly appeal to the masses.


Yeah, but what we were really worried about was when Rednex was going to carry gear for her. Thanks for the update.

At least it's not the Yankees hat.

I try so hard to be positive with Richie's headwear…

UPDATE! In real news, Mike Richards is not practicing today. He sat at practice before Game 1 because he had a "cold." I don't believe any hockey injury… or non-injury.


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  1. Christ Boyle! “Whatsamatta with you?”
    I’m having real doubts about your manliness (or boyliness, for that matter). Constantly obsessed with the Flyers Captain’s headwear?:
    “WAAAHHHHHHH! Lay off his dick, already. WAAAAAHHHHH!”
    Grow a pair, already, and try to act like a man:

  2. He is a horrible captain, how dare he wear anything but a flyers hat. Only if he did anything in the game last night, like maybe assist on the gwg, kill penalties, and hold the sabres leading scorer to nothing then maybe we can talk about something other than his hats.

  3. We gotta lay of Richards, i like the hacking of local athletes being dumb, but for this crap…leave it go…
    Although I will say the Yankees hat is kinda dooshy….

  4. Who gives a shit what he tweets or wears? He can like the Yankees if he wants to. He plays for the Flyers, not the Phillies. And last time I checked he was pretty loyal to them. This is the guy who played with 2 torn up shoulders before. Lay off the guy.

  5. Did you notice Versteeg wearing one backwards during his post game interview?

  6. WHO GIVES A SHIT??? athletes endorse products, kill howard for doing subway, chase for doing bat commercials, dawk for that sports collectible place its what they do to make more cash just cause its not a big time endorsement or cause it says rednex its not good enough … get over it no one cares

  7. If he’s promoting Canadian stuff as “Rednex,” Shouldn’t his garb and company be names Hosiers oriented like Strange Brew.

    Take off You Hosier!

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