Bear Hunting: Where is Michael Leighton?


UPDATE! Leighton's agent denies Leighton left team. Still, where was he?

So remember when we told you that Michael Leighton wouldn't even be the third-string goalie for last night's game and he wasn't on the ice for practice yesterday? Well… it seems Leighton went missing.


Flyers beat reporter Anthony SanFilippo wrote about it in a story entitled Did Leighton Go AWOL?: [Delco Times]

One team source told the Daily TImes tonight that Leighton was very upset with himself after his Game 6 performance and didn't show up for the morning practice Tuesday.

According to the source, the Flyers tried to contact him early Tuesday but couldn't reach him. They finally got through to him later on Tuesday.


SanFilippo said a second source, who had no knowledge that Leighton went missing, told him that Big Bear was hurting both phsically and emotionally after Game 6. No shit.

When asked about the story, both Peter Luuko and Paul Holmgren denied it. Homegran replied to an email from SanFilippo, saying "absolutely not true." Holmgren lies from time to time.

One reliable person I spoke with said Leighton was seen in the press box. However, they were just relaying information from someone else- so you can take that with a grain of salt.

Either way, can somebody hunt him down?

Apparently, he's in a glass case of emotion.

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4 Responses

  1. I think this just goes to show… we need Boucher to stay in net… with bobs turning into a drunk russian… and the bear MIA we need boucher!

  2. Gotta feel bad for the guy as a human being. Regardless of his performances being less than spectacular sometimes, he’s really been jerked around about as much as possible this year. From cast-off to savior to goat to savior to goat to minor leagues to back-up to savior to goat to street clothes… the only way it could have been worse was if the Islanders snagged him coming through waivers and then cut him after letting him start the first game of the 2011-2012 season.
    i’d have some serious mental issues if i were him. i really do hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

  3. @marrrk: well put sir. the dude really has been jerked around and you gotta wonder what’s going on here. i hope the man ends up somewhere on his feet as well.

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