Jayson Werth May Have Gotten Nyjer Morgan Traded

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Or at least according to Nyjer Morgan he did.

Not more than two months with the Nationals and Werth is already ruffling feathers. According to Nationals.com, Werth chewed-out former teammate Morgan for running only three of his six outfield sprints after a spring training game:

Werth is also a leader on the field and in the clubhouse. His most vivid display of leadership skills occurred in Spring Training, according to multiple sources.

After he was taken out of a game against the Tigers at Space Coast Stadium in mid-March, outfielder Nyjer Morgan — since traded to the Brewers — performed three of the six sprints on the outfield warning track and called it a day.

Werth told Morgan to do the rest of the sprints. Morgan declined, figuring he arrived at the ballpark at 5:30 a.m. ET and didn't need to do any more work.

After they went into the locker room a few minutes later, Werth and Morgan got into a verbal argument, with Werth telling Morgan that he needed to continue to do his work.

Jerry Hairston Jr. got involved and was able to calm Morgan down. According to a baseball source, Morgan believes the incident is the No. 1 reason he is no longer a member of the Nationals.


Applauding JW for that one. As you know, Nyjer Morgan is a world class prick. He was suspended for – allegedly – throwing a ball at a Phillies fan last year, and also incited this melee in Florida.

Looks like those 126 million bones are turning Werth into a leader (not to imply that he wasn’t one in Philly).

Werth credits Davey Lopes, “the best coach [he] ever had,” with teaching him the right way to play the game:

"Davey Lopes wasn't a hitting coach, but he is a baseball coach," Werth said. "He was really good [when it came to] my overall mentality toward the game and how to play the game. He was very instrumental and kind of molded me into the player I became [in Philadelphia]. Out of anybody, I would say Davey Lopes was probably the best coach I ever had. He is awesome."


And the Phillies let him walk. Lopes, that is.

[And yes, Virginia, you can get from Nyjer Morgan to Chris Pronger in five simple steps]

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  1. The Phillies offered Lopes a contract, but he wanted to go back to the Dodgers. Good for the Nats and Werth. Morgan’s got million dollar skills and a 5 cent head.

  2. “Is “mentality” even a word?”
    Are you serious? I weep for the future of this country.

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