I disagree, Kris.

Ryan Bright spoke with Versteeg today and the former Blackhawk thinks we still hate him: [Philly Sports Daily]

“They still do,” Versteeg said with a laugh, when asked about being hated by Philadelphia fans during the finals. “I’ve never seen them like me, actually."

“You come on a team heading into the playoffs like this and try to fill voids,” he said. “There wasn’t too many voids to fill on this team so it’s about trying to be a factor and become part of something special. I need to bring my style of game and try to bring it every night, whether it’s penalty kill, power play or just getting in someone’s face.”


As Ryan points out, it has nothing to do with playing for the Blackhawks, and everything to do with the fact that Versteeg hasn't been that good since his arrival.

But how can you dislike this?

Just win another Cup, Kris. All will be fine.

You can stop biting on the mouthpiece, however. It reminds us all of Patrick Kane.

Other notes: Chris Pronger did not practice today. And that is not good.