Kyle Kendrick’s World Series Ring Was Stolen From His Home

Kyle_kendrick_ringPic via Chris Pesotski's Flickr

Bad week to be a Philadelphia championship ring.

Last week we told you about Tommy McDonald's 1960 NFL Championship ring, which may be in a men's room at the King of Prussia Mall. Now, according, we learn that Kyle Kendrick's 2008 World Series ring was stolen from his home on Washington.

Police say the thieves busted a door lock and spent considerable time in the home, taking home electronics and other valuables sometime during the weekend of March 26.

Among the items stolen aside from Kendrick's 2008 World Series ring included a framed, signed jersey by Ken Griffey Jr., and several personal baseball gloves and bats.


This sucks for Kyle. It also marks the third 2008 World Series ring that has been stolen. In 2009, the Phillies Director of Publicity, John Brazer, had his ring stolen by a janitor. He told police he left it in the bathroom of the executive offices at CBP (keep rings out of the shitter!). Earlier that same year, Adam Eaton stole a ring when he accepted the $10k trinket during an on-field ceremony.

There is no truth to the rumor which says Kendrick's ring wasn't stolen, rather… he was simply having trouble locating it. No truth to that, folks.

Wish Kyle the best in finding his ring.


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  1. You’d think a millionaire athlete like Kendrick would’ve had some sort of security alarm system in his home to alert the cops of a break-in. From a report I heard on KYW this morning, a whole boatload of stuff had been stolen from his house, including memorabilia, jerseys, clothes and five, count ’em, FIVE flat screen TV’s! Those boys must’ve been in there a good while to have stolen THAT much stuff!

  2. That sucks. Hope someone has a fit of good conscious and gives it back. Winning the World Series is a big accomplishment. Although no one can take that from him, he’s probably sick that his ring is gone for now.

  3. The ring is something irreplaceable. Sure a new one will probably be made for him but it’s just not the same.
    And the Griffey jersey? As a fan of his my entire life, I’d be crushed to lose that piece of memorabilia.

  4. They really can’t just make the guy a new ring? Pretty sure the Phillies have the money to do so.

  5. Here’s a lesson learned: When you’re a “star athelete” with your house for sale and turn off the alarms for an open house, move all of your irreplaceable values into secure offsite storage.

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