Marlins Logan Morrison Rocks Phillies Shirt, Goes to Flyers Game

You should probably golf clap for Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison today (and every other time he comes back into town).

Here he is rocking a Phillies #sharktits shirt.

For those of you who don't know, Morrison (@lomomarlins) is fairly active on Twitter. Since the Marlins don't have any actual fans, LoMo has been consistent in his friendly banter with Phillies fans online. Phillies beat writers Ryan Lawrence and Kevin Cooney wrote about it this morning. 

#sharktits is essentially a hilarious phrase made up by some folks on Twitter, who sent LoMo a shirt with that hashtag, a Phillies logo, and his Twitter handle. Last night, LoMo Tweeted the picture of himself wearing the shirt. And this one for both Marlins fans. If the Marlins had more, this probably wouldn't go over too well.

After taking the picture, LoMo went to the Flyers game and sat along the glass, with tickets courtesy of the Flyers (the team always holds back tickets so notable guests and others can attend)- last year, Jayson Werth and Ryan Madson (but not his wife, she haaaates us… jokes!) took advantage of this during the Stanley Cup Finals.



Go flyers! Just made my game time decision. Helps that flyers player left us tix!

This place is electric. Go Flyers!!

Great seats! If i were any closer to the action Id need aa pair of skates & a NHLPA card.

Hey @walsha & @BizNasty2point0 Im on the glass @ BUF/PHI Game 2. Would taking my shirt off & pressing my titties on the glass b a faux pas?

It wasn't actually raining today in Phily. I was just a tad hungover and wanted to see some hockey!


Of course, if he homers again – like he did on Friday night – we can probably stop liking him.


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  1. Don’t forget that he also spent a couple of hours at Carl’s Cards in Havertown meeting a big crowd of people and signing autographs and taking pictures to benefit the local area chapter of the American Lung Association. Really talked with the fans and seemd to have a great time.

  2. This guy is going to be a monster for years! Very scared as a Phillies fan. Sounds like he’d enjoy playing in the city of brotherly love, one day.

  3. Lets go out and Cliff Lee this guy!!! Marlins always get players then trade them away I am sure it would not be hard…

  4. Hate on Jayson Werth every chance you get, but clap for Logan Morrisn? Come on. Werth helped win a title here and was an awesome player in his four years in Philly, so until Morrison does anything, let’s hold off on drooling over him just because he talks to people on Twitter.
    I like this site, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  5. The whole Lomo thing is getting ridiculous. If a Philly athlete did this in another town hed be hated for it. Hes coming off as more and more of a douche every day.

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