Michael Vick might be going back to jail.

Speaking yesterday to students at the Hunting Park Recreational Center, Vick said that he plans to visit Plaxico Burress in prison: [Philly Sports Daily]

“Hopefully I can pay him a visit at some point,” said Vick after speaking to kids at the Hunting Park Recreational Center in North Philadelphia on behalf of the Humane Society. “That’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I had the opportunity to go down and speak with the prisoners in Florida.”

Burress, now 33, is scheduled to be released from a New York state penitentiary in June after serving 21 months on a weapons charge after he accidentally shot himself in the leg at a night club.

“I just want to reach out to him and talk to him,” said Vick. “We have a very close relationship, we’re from the same area and hopefully we can make that happen in the near future.”


This would mark the second prison-speaking trip from Vick. Last month, he spoke to at a prison in Florida.

One can only imagine what that conversation between Vick and Burress would be like: Yo, fool, what are you doing shooting yourself in the leg? Advice? Yeah, I got some. Be really good at football and be sure to skip any public parties.

I wonder if he'll need the umbrella this time.

Good story from Timmy Mac.