Of Course Lenny Dykstra’s Arrest Would Include eBay and Craigslist

Lenny Dykstra was arrested Thursday night. He is being charged with one felony count of embezzling from a bankruptcy estate. Per TMZ:

FYI — Dykstra is not legally allowed to sell off any of the items that make up the bankruptcy estate. The property must only be used to pay off debts to creditors and all transactions must be initiated by a court-appointed trustee.   

According to the criminal complaint — Dykstra loaded up a ton of his expensive personal items into a U-Haul truck — including furnishings and fixtures — and sold them to an L.A. consignment store.

Officials say Dykstra was also trying to discretely sell some of the estate's property on eBay and Craigslist … including sports memorabilia. 


My palm, it just hit my face.

So much for all of his winning with Charlie Sheen. Let’s see… in the last two months, the winning duo has (collectively) lost their TV job, lost their children, and been arrested. WINNING!

Dykstra also tried to help Sheen get his job back. He contacted lawyer Dan Petrocelli, who represents Dykstra in several legal matters, and asked him to broker piece between Sheen and Warner Bros., another one of Petrocelli’s clients. Dykstra’s request was turned down by Petrocelli, because it would have been a conflict of interest.

Way to go, Lenny.

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