I was searching for something to describe last night's debacles. Luckily, J.C.'s ass pretty much summed-up Tuesday night. But let's see how well you know your coaches:


No jump. Out-jumped everywhere, really.

Is that alarming to you?

Extremely. Extremely alarming. It’s not good enough, at all, by any stretch.



Well they just lock-in on you… We learn. We learned every night we play like this. We want to keep growing every single day. 



We've got to beat them. We've got to play hard against them. They’re more than a second [rate] team.

They got two players that have a lot of talent. _____ can still play, and ______ is a super player.


Answers… and the angriest coach… after the jump.

1) Lavs 2) Doug Collins 3) Charlie Manuel