Play Guess The Angry Coach!

I was searching for something to describe last night's debacles. Luckily, J.C.'s ass pretty much summed-up Tuesday night. But let's see how well you know your coaches:


No jump. Out-jumped everywhere, really.

Is that alarming to you?

Extremely. Extremely alarming. It’s not good enough, at all, by any stretch.



Well they just lock-in on you… We learn. We learned every night we play like this. We want to keep growing every single day. 



We've got to beat them. We've got to play hard against them. They’re more than a second [rate] team.

They got two players that have a lot of talent. _____ can still play, and ______ is a super player.


Answers… and the angriest coach… after the jump.

1) Lavs 2) Doug Collins 3) Charlie Manuel

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5 Responses

  1. This didn’t make any sense to me until I saw the answers. With Just Lavs (a good sitcom, no?) being the only photo, I thought it was guess just which one Lavs said, and not match up quotes with other coaches. Might want pics of Manuel and the Sixers coach alongside Lavs too.

  2. PS: Video is down. It’s also down on their website too. However, don’t trust CSN Philly’s embed worth shyte cause they put up and take down vids like the mental midgets they are.

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