Rumors: Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park?

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With the release of the Eagles schedule on Tuesday, one thing became clear: There would not be a Winter Classic played at Lincoln Financial Field on New Years Day.

There has been significant speculation about the Flyers hosting the Classic next year. Most of that conjecture centered around The Linc. But since the Eagles will be playing at home on January 1st, even the discussed New Years Eve prime time game (as to not go head-to-head with football) would be next to impossible to play at The Linc, what with the amount of time it likely takes to remove the ice and the damage it would do to the field.

So what option does that leave? Frank Seravalli has a guess: []

The Eagles have a home game scheduled for New Year's Day against Washington at Lincoln Financial Field. But that will not prevent the NHL from hosting an outdoor game in Philadelphia if the league chooses.

A league source familiar with the NHL's thinking regarding the 2012 Winter Classic told the Daily News yesterday that Citizens Bank Park is a "very real possibility" to host the event.


I've heard the exact same thing from a few folks in-the-know, who are "fairly confident" about the game taking place at CBP and the opponent being the Rangers.

The Phillies would probably love this. David Montgomery has talked about finding additional revenue streams – much like the Red Sox have done with Fenway Park – to support all of this spending (read: Cliff Lee).

None of this is fact, just harmless speculation about where the Winter Classic will be played. Philadelphia still looks like the frontrunner.

A World Series and the Winter Classic just months apart? Yes, please.

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12 Responses

  1. The Classic has been a mid-afternoon deal so far, no? With a 1pm kickoff for the Birds they’d have to go prime time under the lights. Not what they’ve done with it to this point.

  2. Hopdevil, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be on new years day. They would probably hold off and play the game on Monday Jan. 2nd, similar to what the NCAA does with NYD bowl games

  3. hopd- it has been, but last year moved it to night and was a smashing success. they won’t play on jan. 1 with ealges games, that ice takes a week to set up. cbp looking likely.

  4. this is ridiculous. let someone else have the game. don’t you all remember bitching and complaining when the Penguins got to play in a 2nd one already?! But for some reason it’s ok for the Flyers to play in a 2nd one so soon…

  5. Interesting. Well, I sure hope this happens as the Winter Classic is one of THE coolest sporting events around today. To host it in Philly (three months after the World Series) would be absolutely awesome!

  6. I know how the Phillies can pay all those hefty salaries. Sell raffle tickets for $1. You’d buy a raffle ticket for a dollar, wouldn’t you? Every 5 days a number is picked, and the person holding that ticket can pitch that night. It would be incredibly entertaining, they likely wouldn’t do much worse than Blanton or Kendrick, and the Phils would probably make millions.

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