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This should make you feel a little bit better about last night- just a little.

Jayson Werth dropped a popup in extra innings, which eventually allowed the winning run to score with two outs.

Thus far with the Nationals, Werth is batting .333 with no home runs or RBIs. Production!

Of course, people are now actually watching Nats games. Opening Day in Washington averaged a 2.71 rating, which equals around 65,000 households. That number was up 65% from last year. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the Phillies averaged a 9.9 rating on Friday, which equals around 300,000 households. That number was up 43% from last year. On Sunday, the Phillies avarged a 14.8 rating- or around 445,000 households. The Nats' weekend average? 58,000 households. Heh.


Hop it for a video (taken last week) of a Nats fan freaking out about seeing the Tomahawk Chop. This ain't Atlanta!

Don't forget, there are still tickets to come with us to see Werth in D.C. next Thursday! Details here.

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