Barry Bonds Will Send Beaten Giants Fan’s Kids to College

Judging by the emails I get, we've sort of carved out a niche highlighting moronic fan behavior in other cities. The most obvious example of that is the incident in Los Angeles, where Dodgers fans beat up a Giants fan, Bryan Stow, earlier this season.

In news that comes not from Bonds, but from Stow's lawyer, Bonds offered to pay the college tuition for both of Stow's children. Stow is a single father. [NBC Bay Area via Deadspin]

Stow family attorney Thomas Girardi said that former slugger Barry Bonds has donated to pay for their college education. He said the family has talked about turning other donations back to the fans if this suit is successful, but said the gift of a college of education is something they treasure and will keep.

Bryan is a single father. He has a son and a daughter who are both in grade school.

Bonds visited Stow on April 22, while he was still in a Southern California hospital.

Sources close to Stow told NBC that Bonds also spent an hour in Stow's room and left a signed baseball bat for Stow's children.  At the time, there was no mention of a donation to a college fund.


Actually quite nice of Mr. Bonds. Stow is slowly getting better, but still a long way away from being healthy.

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9 Responses

  1. Seems there are a lot of players doing cool/nice things for fans lately, hope this trend continues.

  2. Sad.
    But just because he’s opening his eyes that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s getting better. He may be in a permanently vegatative state for life, and stuff like that is just a reflecksive action.
    Good move by BBB anyway.

  3. Although I will always hate Bonds for his poor attitude and blatant cheating, this is a class move that I hope is genuine and not just for good PR

  4. I wonder what will be more inflated when the Stow children can take him up on his offer, college tuition or bonds’ head

  5. Dang, first Timmy makes me respect him and now Barry Bonds.
    Good on Bonds. I hope it pans out.
    And of course, best wishes to Mr. Stow and his family. I hope he opens his eyes very soon.

  6. Big time props to Barry Bonds for the totally class thing he did. He might well be THE biggest cretin baseball’s seen in a generation, but I applaud his kindness towards Mr. Stow’s kids.

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