Bruins Revive Their Anti Philly Advertising Campaign

You remember this campaign from last year, right? Well, it's baaaaack.

This time? Fat jokes. Stay classy, The Cradle of Liberty.

Pic via our man Dave Isaac (@davegisaac), Flyers beat reporter for Philly Sports Daily.


7 Responses

  1. Cute, but cholesterol is more of a problem in arteries, not veins.
    And I’m alarmed to hear that the dirty water in the Charles river has turned black and yellow now.

  2. “Black and Gold runs through Boston’s Veins…
    Because Romneycare has made blood too expensive.”
    “Black and Gold runs through Boston’s Veins…
    Yes, we are referring to heroin.”
    “Black and Gold runs through Boston’s Veins…
    Nothing runs through it’s brains.”

  3. okay lets be honest it was kind of funny. philly can dish it out but they cant take it sometimes.

  4. I just hate when teams like the Bruins and the Steelers call their colors black and “gold.” It’s yellow. Wiz is right. Own it.

  5. You mean all those Bostonians who just realized that they have a hockey team

  6. “Black and Gold”: Rotted fee-see’s and dick cheezwiz.
    By the way, some types of colestorall are good for your body. That’s a scientific medical fact. But rotted feeseases and dick cheeses are never good for your body. That’s also a scientific medical fact.
    So a quik poll: Which is more stoopider: The tea party shirts or this shyte? Although I hate bruins, I have to give them a “brownie” point (hahahah) for having the balls to still be smuggy, in the face of what happened last year. However, you have to wonder if they would still be so gutsy right now had they been down 0-2 at this time. All that I have to say is that “Pride cometh before a fall,” or some sort of shyte like that. Hahaha

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