Bryce Harper Takes a Swipe at YOU

Bryce_harperNice eye black, you douche (Pic via, no really)

I’m telling you, you are going to hate this kid.

First, The Chosen One claims that he sees the Nationals (#yeahtheteamthatsellsdollartickets) as the Yankees of the NL East (Editor's note: I was wayyy off in the first part of that post). Then we learn he needs golf cart rides (along with Jayson Werth) to avoid the autograph crush at spring training. Now comes this little nugget from the Washington Post:

In West Virginia, Harper also endured the taunts of one particularly obnoxious fan who peppered him all series with, among other things, vulgarities pertaining to his mother and sister — stuff that was described by one person who was there as “the most vile things I’ve ever heard anyone say, on or off a baseball field.”

Asked about that experience, Harper acknowledged having heard all of it. But then he shrugged again and said, “It’s just getting me ready for Philly.”


No, trust me, Brycecake, nothing is going to get you ready for Philly, not even those dirty inbreds from West Virginia. See you soon.

H/T to (@kevin_reiss)

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32 Responses

  1. a college softball game was on at the bar i was at last night. the pitcher for one of the teams had the same styled eye black/ face paint. so cute!

  2. this dude needs to be repeatedly punched in the face. what a tool. nice name Bryce – you bitch

  3. Truth be told, the kid’s probably going to be incredible. But then he’ll realize he plays for the Washington Nationals, the only chants he hears are “SCOREBOARD” every time he hits a solo shot while his team is down by 5 runs.

  4. The kid’s going to be a hell of a baseball player, and I take no offense at what he said. You people who are outraged need to be honest with yourself – I’ve heard comments just like that at Phillies games before. It’s not like he said “Well, Phillies fans blow, and I can’t wait to kill their team my entire career”, he just acknowledged how tough of a fan base we are.
    That being said, I can’t wait to see Jimmy, Chase, and Ryan show him how a man plays ball.

  5. …also, the eye black ended in high school – the Nats told him he won’t be allowed to wear it in either the Minors or the Majors, so we can move on from that.

  6. The quotes in this article didn’t really bother me. But then out of curiosity, I went to the website you mentioned just to see if it was as douchey as it sounds.
    It wasn’t. It was worse. Words can not convey….
    (I’m assuming that it’s an official site by him? If it isn’t, then it’s still sad, but in an entirely different way.)

  7. Good response to the haggling fan. We will bring it as we should…..players not on our teams should be a little on edge when they come to our parks…that is essentially what the advantage is to our home teams.
    He will probably be a solid player, he has come across quite arrogant/snotty and that is justified as he has been promoted as a baseball god yet he is not even old enough to drink a beer. That shit will get to your head if u let it…
    Either way he is on the Nationals…so he is not going to be that much of a threat…1 player does not make a team, especially in baseball. Let him mention philly in every response he gives in his interviews…be nervous Bryce-y poo, be nervous!
    I love the Philly edge we give at games…LOVE IT!

  8. Honestly your all salty that we dont have the kid. Hes gonna be a stud and you all know it but dont wanna admit it. So he says that we heckle players ya no shit does anyone deny it? No. Because its true so everyone stop taking shots at the kid until he gets in the league and if hes a flop then sure heckle the balls off him but until then chill out. Cause he will be a stud.

  9. not a big deal at all. this kids going to be incredible and what would you like him to say…”well my team sucks, we’ll see how it goes.” he’s cocky, as a kid should be that’s making as much money a he is right now.

  10. Bryce Harper needs to shut his mouth, to me, he’s far from intimidating. Oh and, you need to shut your mouth about the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, faggot.

  11. The kid is a pretentious little douche bag. To those who say “Oh, he’ll be an incredible ball player.”, I say let’s see it. You can be as promising as you want… But face it, he’s playing amazing ball… IN THE MINORS! Against pitchers who CAN’T CUT IT IN THE MAJORS. There’s a reason these guys are in Single A ball, because they aren’t good enough to be in the MLB right now. Not to say they never will be, but we’re saying this kid will be a phenom, and have been since he was playing and hitting “bombs” in a fucking high school ball field. Lets see him actually do something at the major league level, then we’ll call him incredible.

  12. first he has to make it to philly. im sure he has “god given natural ability”. but i heard this kids work ethic sucked.. doesnt seem like this kid knows the first thing about baseball

  13. Really? Inbred? You spend every waking hour bitching about misconceived or one sided slants against Philadelphia fans and then you go lowball against my home state? Go fuck yourself and your 24-7 whine-fest of a blog. Seriously.

  14. I guess he has already learned that Philly is the classless armpit of the East, he is learning things fast!

  15. @Frosty – LMAO!!!
    If we’re lucky enough maybe we’ll have a freak snow storm when he comes to town and we can welcome him Bounty Bowl style.

  16. **********The grand experiment is going well so far! !!!!!!
    We’re continually learning and tweaking how the approach but it’s definitely helping everyone’s focus!!!!!!!eep you posted**********

  17. Yall are blowing on a guy who dropped outta high school just to be eligible for the 2011 draft, who lead the college nation in homeruns at the ripe ol’ age of 17, who was the first overall pick in the overall draft, and who has been tearing it up in the minors since he got there. Yall are idiots. The guy is making more than any of you would ever make if you lived twice.

  18. @Brian Briggs
    Yeah the kid knows nothing about baseball, he just gets lucky when he hits bombs or throws 95 mph, that makes sense

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