Chase Utley Took Care of the Post Game Spread for the Threshers Last Night

Chase Utley is, quite literally, the man.

First, admiring jersey chasers, now this: Prior to last night's single A tilt, minor league prospect Jiwan James Tweeted this picture of a white board in the Clearwater Threshers clubhouse. That's the post-game spread, apparently brought to you by none other than Chase Cameron Utley.

Often times, Major Leaguers on rehab stints will treat their minor league counterparts to a nice meal. It's good to see Chase has good taste.


Yes he is, Jiwan. Yes he is.

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3 Responses

  1. Chase could serve me up a meal like this any time. All of my favorites are on the list minus the baked beans. Oh, boy, I can just imagine the scent that permeated the clubhouse after that spread. LOL What a gas!

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