CSN is Airing a Minor League Baseball (A) Game Tonight


Source: Washington Times

If this isn't indication that Philly is now a baseball town, I don't know what is. CSN (NBC Sports Philadelphia?) will air tonight's Clearwater Threshers game, which will feature Chase Utley, Roy Oswalt, and Carlos Ruiz (um, yeah, the Palm Beach Cardinals don't stand a chance).

Game time? 7 P.M. on CSN Philly, to be followed by POST GAME LIVE… for a Single A baseball game. Amazing.

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11 Responses

  1. They’re probably airing it because the Phils are off and Chase Utley, Roy Oswalt, and Carlos Ruiz are playing.

  2. As long as TMAC and WHEELS arent doing the game I’ll watch….DEF need a break from the WORST TELEVISION BROADCAST TEAM in MLB.

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