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I was seated in section 422 at Citizens Bank Park last night. When the chants of USA, USA rang out, I honestly had no idea why (thanks to AT&T barely working at the ballpark) and spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out whether Ike Davis or Daniel Murphy were Canadian. Neither of them are.

A few minutes later, a guy behind me filled me in and then it all made sense.

What's interesting is that the this renewed campaign to capture bin Laden was communicated by President Bush on September 20th, 2001, and one of the first places where instant reaction was seen was the then First Union Center (video after the jump) during a game between the Flyers and Rangers. Now, almost 10 years later, when the news of his death spread, it was a Phillies game on national television which captured the instant reaction.

Incredible reactions from some of the Phillies and Mets players, too. Here's a roundup:

Cliff Lee: [Ryan Lawrence] [CSNPhilly]

"Sitting in the dugout, I didn't realize what was going on for a minute and then someone came in there and said, you know, obviously, Bin Laden had been killed over there. It took them long enough."


Ryan Howard: [CSNPhilly.com]

"At the time, I was just focusing on the game, because I didn't know what the chants were. I was stil kind of in game mode. It was I guess kind of an uplifting moment to let us know the war over there can finally come to an end."


Charlie Manuel: [Philly.com]

"I think they didn't realize it until (Shane) Victorino, he came in the video room and they told him what they were hollering about and he went and told the guys on the bench."

When asked what he thought about the "USA" chants, Manuel said "I think they were happy."

"I was more concentrating on the game."


Shane Victorino: [Philly.com]

"That's 100-percent absolutely wrong," he said. "I didn't break the news, but I found out what happened. There was a buzz around the dugout that Osama had been killed, so that's why everybody was chanting 'USA.' I think everybody on the field was wondering what was going on.

"I guess it's a big day for Americans. It's a special moment for us. More important was the fact we were playing the game. That's more important than anything else. After the game, you sit back and you think about something like that happening and it has been almost 10 years. For those who have suffered, I heard a couple of statements on the news that for those people lost on 9-11, they have some kind of closure. It definitely is a big day for American history."


David Wright: [Andy McCullough]

"I don’t like to give Philadelphia fans too much credit. But they got this one right. I guess it's a proud moment to stand out there and you've got 45-50,000 chanting. That was pretty special."


Terry Collins: [ESPN.com]

"Obviously this is a big night for the United States. I wish we could have finished the game two hours ago and celebrated a little bit of it. We'll take a nice ride home, take the day off and get ready for San Francisco. This is a good win for us, and obviously a huge win for America tonight."


Pedro Beato: [ESPN.com]

"When I was in high school, we got called into the auditorium. I thought it was like a routine thing. Five days into the school year my freshman year, I don't know what's going on. They called us in. They were talking about what happened, but I didn't understand too well. Me and a friend of mine just went up to the roof of the building once we knew what it was. We saw the building just smoking from the roof."

I couldn't stay up there that long. We didn't want to get in trouble either."


Chris Young: [ESPN.com]

"It's probably a night I'll never forget. I came inside and heard the news. There are some things bigger than the game and our jobs. I was inside. You could hear the crowd chanting, 'U-S-A.' And I got chills hearing that. It was a pretty neat atmosphere and place to be to get that kind of news. … It's certainly a historic night and a great victory for the United States and the war on terrorism."


Danys Baez: [Phillies.com]

"It was a really close game and everybody was focused on the game. Obviously what happened today for the United States and the rest of the world was great, but there was a really close ballgame going on and we had to concentrate on that."


– Mets reporter Steve Popper thinks the Phillies screwed up by not putting Obama's speech on the scoreboard.

– The folks from The School Philly have amazing video from the celebration at Penn State.

– Former Flyers beat reporter Steve Whyno recaps the post-Caps-game reaction at the White House.

– A roundup of athlete reactions.

Video of First Union Center watching Bush's speech in 2001. Brian Boucher and Mark Recchi, both playing in this series, were there watching.

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12 Responses

  1. David wright is a total douche bag! i hope you get shit on by a pigeon that just at a bunch of bad indian food!

  2. I was at that Flyers game in 2001… I’ll never forget it. I’m sure everyone at the Phillies game last night will always remember the USA chants and where they were.

  3. There is not even any words for David Wright. Really? At a time like this you are going to make a comment like that? “I guess it’s a proud moment to stand out there and you’ve got 45-50,000 chanting.” Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t know since the Mets will never see that many fans in their own stadium cheering for them. Way to take a great moment in US history and make a dumb comment like that. I have to say I do like what Chris Young said, maybe he offers little redemption. U-S-A!

  4. i agree with tyler, howard seems a little naive… and i think wright’s quote is hilarious.

  5. I was in section g of the diamond club last night. My brother got a text with the news and we began to chant. We were then told to “sit down and shut up” by a man in front of us who was at the game with an older couple. My brother asked him if he had heard the news. The man said he didn’t care, since no news warranted acting in such a manor. Shortly after their exchange the crowd began to roar with the chants of USA so we joined screaming louder than ever. The man immediately jumped out of his seat, ran to the nearest usher, and had us escorted out. As we were being dragged out a group of fans a few rows behind us began to heckle the ushers, my brother advised them to “be quite or they’d get kicked out too.” Obviously taking offense to the comment, the usher proceed to push my brother. Many people are saying we’ll always remember where we were when we heard the news that osama was killed, much like the jfk assassination or the initial attacks of 9/11. Well me and my brother will always be reminded of the terrible treatment we received by the phillies staff. I’m currently in the process of writing a letter to the Vice president of ticket sales and operations as well as David Montgomery but I don’t really expect anything to come of it besides an “all tickets are non-refundable” line.

  6. “…spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out whether Ike Davis or Daniel Murphy were Canadian. Neither of them are.
    Dude. I laughed out loud so hard at work when I read this I had phone calls all day telling me to shutup, but it was worth it. Haha. Don’t know why. Just one of those things that hits you, lol.

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