Flyers_tea_partyPhoto via Ike Richman

On Saturday the Flyers gave out orange t-shirts which said "Philadelphia Tea Party." OK, that's cute. I'd imagine it's difficult to come up with t-shirt slogans on a fairly consistent basis. But today they took it a step further… and dumped Boston Tea off the Moshulu into the Delaware River.


Perhaps they picked the wrong day to spoof a significant event in American history.

Let's breakdown this analogy:

Rebels demanding freedom : rallying cry for soon-to-be-formed nation, including Philadelphia :: Flyers fans tossing some faux Boston Tea in muddy river : Bostonians being owned by our offensive mockery of their heroism

Yeah that will show them, those damn Patriots.

Next up: The midnight ride of Bob Kelly, in which fans are encouraged to toss Sam Adams at The Hound as he steers a sickly pony from Chickie's to The Well, singing a euphoric and drunken refrain of "God Bless America."

Lauren Hart's version of the song will be all that is needed tonight.