Flyers Orchestrate the Philadelphia Tea Party, Worst Idea Ever?

Flyers_tea_partyPhoto via Ike Richman

On Saturday the Flyers gave out orange t-shirts which said "Philadelphia Tea Party." OK, that's cute. I'd imagine it's difficult to come up with t-shirt slogans on a fairly consistent basis. But today they took it a step further… and dumped Boston Tea off the Moshulu into the Delaware River.


Perhaps they picked the wrong day to spoof a significant event in American history.

Let's breakdown this analogy:

Rebels demanding freedom : rallying cry for soon-to-be-formed nation, including Philadelphia :: Flyers fans tossing some faux Boston Tea in muddy river : Bostonians being owned by our offensive mockery of their heroism

Yeah that will show them, those damn Patriots.

Next up: The midnight ride of Bob Kelly, in which fans are encouraged to toss Sam Adams at The Hound as he steers a sickly pony from Chickie's to The Well, singing a euphoric and drunken refrain of "God Bless America."

Lauren Hart's version of the song will be all that is needed tonight.


5 Responses

  1. tonight’s shirts are better…they say “Wicked Hardcore” C’mon that’s gold

  2. “Lauren Hart’s version of the song will be all that is needed tonight.”
    Kate Smith’s – and ONLY Kate Smith’s – version would be better.

  3. “Worst Idea Ever?”
    In a word: Absof*ckinglutely*
    And I agree with Lynniemac, but let’s save “ONLY Kate” for elimination busting, lest the Mojo get worn out.
    And Kyle didn’t know this cause he was at the game but those miserable NBC pudknockers went to commercial during “God Bless America”. G*ddamn pinko communists. I’m sure this is what caused the bad juju for Game 1. Fortunatley Versus has shown it before and I’m sure they’ll do it in a couple of hours, but everyone please go to the Youbtubes and listen to your own favorite version:
    *: I finally checked the spelling in the dickshunary.

  4. Knew… I KNEW… That the chants of USA, USA at CBP would be swept under the rug; this is already bigger in some circles… 🙁

  5. IBM: I agree it should be saved for elimination busting under normal circumstances, but I think a situation like this would have been a good exception.

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