Flyers to Host 2012 Winter Classic!

Citizens_bank_parkHockey goes here

As we told you before was the most likely scenario, league sources have confirmed to Flyers beat reporters Wayne Fish and Tim Panaccio that the Flyers will host the 2012 Winter Classic.

Earlier today, TSN hinted that was the case, and just recently both Fish and Panaccio confirmed it.

The game will be held on January 2nd, a Monday, so as to not interfere with football. The Eagles are playing at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1st, which means the game will most likely be held at Citizens Bank Park.

As Dave Isaac notes on Philly Sports Daily, with the Classic comes HBO's 24/7 cameras:

The other thing that will come with the fanfare and increased media attention is something Peter Laviolette dislikes greatly: cameras. League commissioner Gary Bettman said that HBO cameras will be on board covering the Winter Classic teams with full access.

“I would rather avoid a camera than jump in front of one,” Laviolette said back in February. “But I can tell you this: Man, I love that Winter Classic, and I sure would love to play in another one. For me that trumps all – even my own queasiness.”


That's right, inside access with Lavs, Richie, Carts, and Prongs. This should make for an excellent lead up throughout December.

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22 Responses

  1. they’re not changing the date cause of the eagles. they’re changing it because of allll of the nfl. the point of the winter classic is to create more interest in hockey for americans. putting an outdoor hockey game on national tv, on new years day, on a SUNDAY during fb season, would be committing ratings suicide. sure a lot of ppl would watch (such as myself) but not as many ppl who’ll watch when there isnt much else going on on tv 🙂

  2. “The Eagles are playing at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1st.”
    “The Eagles are playing golf very far away from Lincoln Financial Field on January 1st.”
    And will the Liberty Bell work when it’s that cold outside (hopefully much colder than Game 5.2 of the 2008 World Series and as cold as Game 3 of the 2009 NLDS against the Rockies, although that was at Coors Field)?

  3. Hey here’s a good idea: Although it’s not any part of their logos, they should put some kind of Liberty Bell faksimalee inside The Well. They can ring it for Flyers goals and wins (along with the horns) and for 6ers wins. Maybe put one at The Link too whenever they’ll ever play a game again there. Hahahahahah

  4. What are you even talking about McGinty? Please tell me you are under the influence of some type of hallucinogenic drug. Check the schedule, they have a game. Good attempt to be funny, fail.

  5. Oh boy a chance to see carts and richie off ice in their normal lives? I bet you’re going to DVR that so you can cum your pants whenever you want!

  6. Since it’s at CBP, we’ll have to break out the retractable goals that open up on the visitor’s net and that close in on the home net, much like the magical walls that always give the Phils an advantage and not visiting teams, you know, since that’s the only way a Philly team can win anything.
    Also, since it will be in the middle of winter, there should be lots of snow around and hopefully someone in the crowd will be dressed as Santa so we can pelt him with snowballs. It will give the media that’s present a ton of stereotypical Philly material to feed off of.

  7. this is awesome, but what about the price of a ticket?? prolly too far out of the reach of true fans

  8. Kyle-
    Any idea of how non season ticket holders will be able to get tickets (cbtickets of course?!) and how expensive they will be (what were they like at prior winter classics)?

    There is nothing bad about this at all…we should all be happy Philly is getting more exposure and more incredible opportunities!

  10. I’m almost hoping for a NFL Lockout now so they move the game to the Linc on the 1st of Jan.
    Ray, as for tickets, The Well holds about 20,000 people for a Flyers game while the Linc and CBP hold about 68,000 & 43,000 respectively. Thats 23 to 48 THOUSAND more seats then normally available. While it will be a hot ticket, even with fans from NY coming down for the day, I would think general ticket sales will be available.

  11. I went to the Classic when we played in Boston. The home teams season ticket holders get priority on purchasing tickets as well as the away teams STH. For the general public, you will be able to register on for a chance to purchase tickets at face value. My buddy and I bought ours on stubhub for around $400 total in center field.

  12. Carts and Prongs – sounds like a great name for a sports bar 😉
    interested to see if anyone has a HOF on this on “Winter Classic Hall of Fame”? Would be a good one.

  13. Lets hope the club has a prominent starting netminder by then so as not to embarrass themselves like they did aganst Boston in their most recent playoff series.

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