Great Moments in Scott Hartnell’s Shirts

Scott_hartnell_shirtPic via Ryan Bright (@Philabright)

What Mike Richards is to the hat, Scott Hartnell is the exact opposite to the metro t-shirt. First seen here, wearing a Meow shirt, we now see Harts rocking the Hangover baby t-shirt. It looks like a Carlos.

That reminds me, May 26th, The Hangover 2 comes out. Seriously considering getting a myriad readers together for a drunken Memorial Day weekend film watch at the shore…


10 Responses

  1. Oh Kyleboy, your ubsesshun with Philadelphia athlete’s fahshun has overridden your heterosexualness yet again. I’m with Joshie on this one. And as for you, Deej, Kyleboy is like thunder. He will mayke much noise, but never strike.

  2. I’m at the shore, and I would definitely be down with a drunken Hangover 2 partaaaay!

  3. “That reminds me, May 26th, The Hangover 2 comes out.”
    Hey Boyo, it’s called marketing. Scottie “Head” Hartnell is getting money for advertiseing on his chest now that he’s not getting that extra postseason pay.
    (Ignore the returded imposter poster above @ May 09, 2011 at 12:42 PM. I may be a reform school flunkie, but I’m not that bad. Flash, you’re unoriginall, you’re trying too hard, and you’re not funny, you piece of chickenshyte pussy. It’s futile anyways, because the real IBMcG is never going away now matter how hard you try to be me and you can’t. Hahahahahahah)

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