Hey Mike Vick is Selling Phony Bracelets on Twitter Today

And how's your Friday?

As we told you about a couple of months ago, Mr. Vick – along with some ring girl with large mammaries (this will be my highest converting link of the day) – landed his first paid endorsement deal with Core Syngergy, makers of body-enhancing bracelets phony fad trinkets. Today, he took a few moments to pimp them out on the Tweets.

Oh look, comes in Virginia Tech colors, too.


End the lockout now.


4 Responses

  1. I actually kind of like the V7 logo…some of them can come off real gay…simple, to the point, plus it’s sort of an upside down vagina with lots of folds.

  2. Yeah he’s saying he wouldnt change anything that has happend in the past because going through all that stuff has made him a better person and realize what he did was wrong. why is he a dope for saying that?

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