Nhl_radioHello, Waldo!

Paul Bissonnette, Car Bomb’s finger-banging buddy, was on NHL Radio yesterday. Just in case you weren’t listening (although who misses midday NHL radio?), BizNasty weighed in on his friend’s recent suspension… and talked about the hotel deal he got the Flyers in Cabo:

He’s [Carcillo] a very emotional guy and he wears his heart on his sleeves. And sometimes he loses it, but hey, for the same things you’ll hate him, you’ll love him for.

He has fun, he lives life to the fullest. We’re both kind of like free spirits, I guess you could say. He’s actually going to Cabo, I think he left today. I took care of him. Him and Richards and Carter, and got them a deal at a hotel there.

Yeah, we remain friends. We used to be roommates in Wilkes Barre. If walls could talk, I’m sure we could write a book about the one season we spent together.



Oh, amazing.

Surely you remember the All-Star break, when Richie, Carts, and Leino went to Costa Rica and hung out with Callie, a young blonde from Dallas, Texas, whose family runs Tappy's Yogurt in the Lone Star State.

Goal for the next week: Find pics of Caboian conquests. Challenge accepted.

Fist pound to (@PinballToCrease) for his ridiculous affinity for NHL Radio