UPDATE: Howard Eskin Says Chris Pronger is a Game Time Decision

Thus far, Eskin has been spot on with Pronger's hand and Carter's knee. No reason not to believe this. On Saturday, Pronger left the bench with two and a half minutes to go and didn't meet with the media because he "lost his voice."

UPDATE: Pronger did not practice this morning. Brian Boucher will be tonight's starter.


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  1. Eskin is the King of all things Douchey. He also said that Pronger had a second surgery to his hand. Completely NOT true.

  2. I’m sure they didn’t want to throw Pronger out in a meaningless end to the third period. Laviolette says he’s fine physically. Holmgren might lie all the time, but Lavi would have said no comment if untrue. He’ll be out there.

  3. i’m not so sure the second surgery thing is incorrect, jqn. just because homer denied it means nothing.
    also, pronger left the bench. difference between not playing and going to locker room. he’ll prob play, but he tweaked something saturday

  4. According to the Flyers website, he’s still expected to play. Even if he gets no ice time I hope he dresses up and is just there to keep the bench focused.
    Also, NBC crew was right on Sat, Lavs needs to manage the match-ups better. He’s got last change for cricesakes!

  5. Look, no one likes Eskin. But hes right on this one.. 15 mins before the game Pronger is OUT. I think he Eskin has some connections in this city for information. Hes been around the block.

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