Kyle Kendrick’s World Series Ring Was Found… and One of the Guys Who Stole it is a Whole Bag of Nuts

You can insert Kendrick location joke here ___________.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Kendrick's 2008 World Series ring was recovered – in a swamp – as part of a separate burglary investigation in Washington. The ring was found in possession of 33-year-old Arlington Washington. 

Six people have been arrested since mid-April in connection to the taking of a bunch of things including Kendrick's World Series ring from his Washington State home. Only two of the people arrestees (Glyzinski and Kevan Ridge) have been identified.


Here's the fun part. It takes about three seconds to find Ridge's Facebook page. We would show you what he looks like, but Ridge doesn't really have any pictures of himself. Instead, he displayed these as his Facbeook profile pics:

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.36.15 AM

He also recently added "cop killers" to his list of inspirational people. Nice.

You didn't really expect the people who stole KK's ring to be sane, did you?


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  1. Kendrick sucks. He doesn’t even deserve the ring. He doesn’t belong in the big leagues; he’s a career minor league pitcher. Should still have Durbin and sent Kendrick packing. Don’t know what people see in him

  2. Dave J. needs to take a serious look at Kendrick’s ERA this year and he probably is the type of fan who says Ryan Howard sucks every time he strikes out. Kendrick is a decent pitcher who works hard (he showed up at spring training the same time as Doc)

  3. Brett – His ERA doesn’t mean shit. Every time he comes in the game, you know the runners on base are gonna score. His stuff sucks, he has a 88-89 fastball right down the middle. YOU need to take a serious look at all the games he comes in and ruins. He works hard for nothing, I heard he showed up to spring training early to give Doc head and wish he had a 1/10 of his talent.

  4. -Watched Kendrick come in and perform well in several relief situations-
    Must’ve been the peyote causing me to see shit. You’re pretty angry about something Dave J, and if I learned anything from last night’s south park, it means you have a small dick. 1.4 inches to be precise.

  5. Stats don’t lie Dave, and ChoochandChong may have a point, he’s on the Phillies so I will cheer him and not bash him

  6. what? u fag. the both of you are out of your minds. He has one good outing then that means the next 10 he’ll blow it. He’s done nothing to prove he is a big league pitcher.

  7. um…one good outing, are you forgetting his start, and what about his 2007, o yes, thats before you hopped on the wagon

  8. Thats my final point, I have better things to do with my time than arguing with idiots

  9. Cliff Lee? We know what he is capable of doing. What Kendrick did 4 years ago doesn’t mean shit, he’s not consistent, he doesn’t even make the playoff roster. His ERA is deceiving this year, he comes in and clears the bases. You clowns will come around.

  10. Wait, people are defending Kyle Kendrick? Based on what? He’s walked twice as many guys as he’s struck out, he has no out pitch, poor control, and his ERA is not at all demonstrative of how well he is performing this year. You guys should have seen Kendrick pitch enough this season to know that he is a below average pitcher, at best.

  11. before you morons blow up this page, Kendrick had 10 minutes to prepare for this start

  12. F*ck that, Bratt M.
    He’s a pro ball player. If he suits-up for the game he should always be preparred to play at a moment’s notice. You don’t need to be a Boy Scout to know that.

  13. Yeah, see, Kendrick is not a good pitcher. Don’t blame the start on short notice for his incompetence and inability to get hitters out.

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