Lavs Put His Comfortable Slippers On

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Lavs is brimming with confidence: [Philly Sports Daily]

“We’re going to go into Boston and we’re going to have some fun. We just put our comfortable slippers on. When you’re down, last year, 0-3, and this year, 0-2, that’s technically 0-5. I’m not sure any team in the history of sports have come back from 0-5. So, we’re just going to have some fun.”


The great mind-fuck of 2011 continues.

Ryan Bright has more grammatical stylings… hither.

BTW- Will accept any and all hilarious Photoshops of Lavs wearing slippers.


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  1. Well look at it this way at least the Flyers aren’t the top seed whose down 3 games now…
    … yet.
    But the Flyers don’t f*cknsuck like the Caps hahaha!

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