BFN: Michael Richards Says He Had Pneumonia During First Round of Playoffs


Chuck Gormley is killing it today. First he lands an exclusive interview with One Eight, who is sunning in Cabo, and now he reports that Richards told him he had pneumonia during the first round of the playoffs. That would certainly explain a lot. It would also put the ball firmly in the collective court of Tim Panaccio and Sam Donnellon, who all but blamed Richards for the Flyers' collapse.

You should probably follow Gormley on Twitter (@chuckspuckcom), especially considering he has a direct line into El Capitan's cell phone. Something tells me Panotch isn't getting that text.

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12 Responses

  1. Thank God for CB! The douchebags in the DN and Inky who have been running him out of town don’t even write a SINGLE useless word today about the Gormley interview or his sickness. Cowards. Instead that midget Donnelllon comes on DNL and says that Richards is ‘disingenuous’. What an asshole. Exactly the kind of respect Richards was alluding to in his interview. Nice job as usual Kyle.

  2. Saab it’s called a meme and it was spelled that way on purpose. New the internet, are we?

  3. Whatthef*ck’s a “meme” anyway, Dickzy?
    So what if this blog is full of stoopid commenters. You need to reelax a little and get some–you sound way too uptite. Hahahahahah

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