Mike Richards Lands Direct Hit on Tim Panaccio

In the face! In the face!

It turns out this whole season was like the opening cartoon scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While we could all see the destruction on screen, once the curtain was pulled back, it became apparent that the entire production was fucked from the start. Baby Herman was a cigar smoking prima donna who looks up girls skirts every chance he gets, the director lost his cool, and Roger couldn’t remember his lines – Look! I can give you stars – all while Eddie Valiant (Panaccio) looked on, thinking he really knew what was going on with the toons.

It seems Mike Richards didn't take too kindly to being called "moody and withdrawn" by CSN's senior beat reporter:


Geronimo EKIA. Panotch is reeling.


This isn't the first time a player has had a problem with Panaccio. Back in October, Nikolay Zherdev wouldn't speak to Panaccio because he thought he was in the Russian mob. Panaccio is Italian

Richie's comment was clearly regarding this article, written by Panaccio last night, which said that Lavs and Richards weren't even speaking to each other by the end of the season:

Sources CSNPhilly.com talked to in the past month said the same thing.
“That’s incorrect information,” Laviolette told CSNPhilly.com on Monday night. “I can’t control what guys write or say. 
“If you ask me a question if we were talking at the end of the season, the answer is, ‘yes.’ I have a relationship with Mike and I think it is something we can work on over time.”
And that in itself is illuminating.
Because in the almost two seasons Laviolette has been here, the relationship between himself and Richards – who can be moody and withdrawn – is still not developed.
Laviolette admitted that relationship is still in its infancy and needs more work, though he said he had no issues with Richards. 


Perhaps this is why Richie gets his sports news from Crossing Broad.

Ryan Bright presented a much more positive view of the relationship between Lavs and Richie: [Philly Sports Daily]

“I wish we were practicing today,” Laviolette said, when questioned on his captain’s leadership abilities. “I don’t think you should go on a witch hunt for Mike Richards just because we’re not. That doesn’t make sense to me. This is the same guy who led this team to within two games of the [Stanley] Cup last year.”

Laviolette continued, deflecting more questions on Richards’ ability to lead.

“I think Mike has the respect of his peers and the guys in this room,” said Laviolette. “You’re talking about a who has offensively put together some good seasons in a row here and a guy that ultimately led this team to the Finals and within two games of the Cup. So I’m not sure the line of questioning here.”


The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but, either way, Richards sniped Panaccio for his "false" reporting. Perhaps when you consider his upcoming wrist surgery, maybe Richards is truly deserving of the moniker, Shorthanded Assassin. Product placement!


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22 Responses

  1. Boom Headshot! That’s my captain! I defend you Mike Richards… they are all pissed because they are becoming more and more useless.

  2. celebrity twitter wars just show how immature these people really are.
    they’re no better than my 15 year old cousin calling out girls in her high school over facebook statuses…

  3. it’s one thing for a beat writer to have an opinion, it’s another when that opinion is completely baseless. the Flyers dislike him, the fans dislike him; NBC Sports Philly should get him the F out

  4. Not a big fan of Richie’s taking to twitter to swipe at Panotch, but TP sort of deserved it. Richie simply doesn’t like having to answer the same questions over and over – especially the stupid or ‘accusing’ ones. Pronger is better at media handling and is far more entertaining while doing it. Pronger is not a huge TP fan either, if ya hadn’t noticed.
    But there’s really no need for another silly twitter battle over this. Let Mike play hockey, and choose whether he wants to Mr. I Love The Media or not. If not, damn near everyone else on the team will talk to reporters!

  5. TP is brutal and has had it our Richards for a couple of seasons now.
    Same with Pronger. I think that TP takes it personally that the players he’s covering don’t appreciate the unwarrented speculation that TP throws in his articles.

  6. Richards needs to be taken out behind the shed and taught a thing or two. Not because of the Panacio thing but just his overall “I’m above this treatment” attitude he projects.
    I’m really tired of Richards, Carter, and the rest of the “crew’s” attitude. It’s like this new group of 20 something pro athletes has a sense of entitlement and they don’t have to answer to anybody.
    How dare you criticize my performance!
    How about STFU, take the “C” off your chest, and become a regular player…oh and give back the extra million to million five you are getting because everybody thought you were going to be something you obviously aren’t.
    My take on the whole season is that players went to Homer and Snider complaining that Lavs was too hard on them, they spoke to Lavs, Lavs said “okay have it your way” and the players thought they could just turn it on in the playoffs. WRONG!!!!
    Now we see the game of chicken being played out in the off season. Who gets demoted/fired/promoted?
    I say Lavs stays, Richie gets an “A” instead of a “C” (story will be he asked for the change aka Dejardins), Briere gets the “C”, and some of the pussy patrol gets shipped out of town like in years past.
    There is definitely trouble with these young primadonas. Homer, lavs, and Snider need to root it out and get rid of it.
    I give props to Giroux for steering clear of it and Briere taking him under his wing. Giroux will be better off for it.
    oh, and Carter can go and fall off a boat and have his head chopped up by the propeller in a lake in Canada over the Summer (I know, bad analogy but that is what I think of him).

  7. it’s my personal opinion that Mike Richards should be more like Steve Yzerman or Trevor Linden when it comes to his leadership. Like it or not, he is the face of the Philadelphia Flyers franchise. And I for one am growing tired of his short often times smug answers. It’s cool if he is a soft spoken guy and his play on the ice speaks volumes. But questionable hits can not come up with ones name when there is a ‘C’ on their jersey. Also, no one in the States cares for or even knows what Rednex Rebellion is, where a team cap and be an ambassador for your team.

  8. Bullshyte that Richie has to bend over backwards to get brownie points from the likes of Tim Panocha.
    Where in the rule book does it say a captain has to be the media darling of the team? All he has to do is look out for his players on the ice and in the lockerroom.
    That Russian Mobster can go kiss Zherdev’s freaky pussy’s arse (or his scary girlfriend’s face mole) for all I care:
    Mike, #18 C, on behalf of a humble Flyers fan since ’67, thanks for all you’ve done for this team and for all that you sacrificed while doing it.

  9. Holy balls people.
    Yes, there are issues. But you act like twenty something millionaires AREN’T going to act like they are entitled. Look. I want a Stanley Cup. I want a Stanley Cup 5 years ago. But it hasn’t happened yet, and it may not happen next year. But regardless of the Pronger contract/situation, this team is set up for a long, long time. All the twenty somethings WILL calm down. It happens when you mature.
    When that happens, they’ll take their profession more seriously. Can you imagine that? Richards more committed? Carter? Giroux? JVR? How scary will this team be in 3-5 years? ESPECIALLY if Bob can develop into the goalie I, the organization, and many other fans think he can. This team can be scary good for a very long time. Like, 5 Cups in the next decade good.
    Not guaranteed, but it could happen. And it would be glorious.
    That said- we have to go after a Cup next year. And on that end, there isn’t much that needs to be done, save for one major move. The cap will go up $3 million. There’s your money to resign Leino. Then trade Carter to any one of 20 teams interested. Trade him for 2 big time defense prospects (ready to step in next year or the year after at worst) and possibly a goalie prospect. Use Carter’s cap space to go and sign Ilya Bryzgalov to a 2-3 year, $5 mil per deal. He mentors Bob, starts in the mean time, and this is a great team next year and sets it up for the next decade.
    It is NOT time to blow up this team. In no way is it that time.

  10. Panaccio is just trying to drum up some “news” for his ratings… I like the first comment per Smithwick’s “Tim Panaccio has a little ass DICK.”

  11. “Holy balls” — Posted by: J.T. | May 10, 2011 at 06:20 PM
    Nah, I’m sure they’re damned like the rest of me, even though they’re lumps of metal.

  12. Timmy P should just be lumped in with the rest of these ‘beat off’ writers that cover the Flyers. They fall all over each other reporting the same shit every day. And then they try to out scoop each other and get an appearence on DNL. So, they make shit up. Problem is for them, in the day and age of Twitter and great blogs like this one and comments on Philly.com, they can now be called on it. It’s no wonder the athletes don’t want to talk with them, why would they? It’s a whole crew of wannabe jocks that try and talk about a sport they know nothing about. They just gossip.

  13. I guess Sidney Crosby doesn’t look too bad in comparison, eh?? You would never see this from him. He truly is a leader in the Stevie Y fashion, not Mike Richards.

  14. Pinocchio went too far – as usual. I get the sense that a lot of players don’t really like him.
    Then again, is there a beat guy that they do like (respect?)
    SanFilipo might be the only one, and his rag of a newspaper doesn’t even let him cover the team every day.
    Sux for us really. At least we have blogs like this one to rely on!

  15. richards is a very poor captain. if he had any class or self respect he would drop the C and give it to a truly deserving player, not sure who that would be (pronger is a good start).

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