The Flyers Continued Their Mourning at Mur.Mur

Flyers_casinoPic via (@CanyonOfBlues)

Yeah, it's really spelled like that.

Thanks to tipster mooseyfbaby28 (birth name?) for the heads up. According to him and some other folks on the Tweets, it looks like the Flyers kicked off their lengthy vacation in style.

According to Moose, Mike Richards, Danny Briere, and Sergei Bobrovsky (?) let off some steam in Mur.Mur. Unfortunately, no sign of Carts.

That, of course, is in addition to the above pic Tweeted by (@Canyonofblues) – a Rangers blogger – which shows Briere, Claude Giroux, some girl and her twin friends ogling Giroux, Scott Hartnell, and Matt Carle playing craps. Judging by Harts’ shirt on Monday, I am sort of disappointed that Zach Galifianakis wasn’t lurking in the background playing blackjack, waiting to help take down the casino. After all, Rain Man did it, and he was a rehtard.

This actually tells us quite a lot about the team dynamic. It seems Richards and Bob prefer more of the club atmosphere, where you can woo girls and throw hundos at them. The rest of the guys seem to err on the side of gambling.

Of course, most of us would probably prefer that all of them were playing in Game 6 tonight…

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25 Responses

  1. What’s it matter what they do on their own time? Are they supposed to lock themselves in a room for 3 straight days and sulk? What if they were up 3-2 in the series and were gambling? Would it make a difference? IMO it doesn’t. Their season is over, it sucks…it’s frustrating and I’m STILL pissed off about it but it’s over…they’re free to do what they want. Maybe this was their way to forget about it for a night. Really, at the end of the day, it’s none of our business. What they do on their off time is up to them. Just my opinion.

  2. No, I know you didn’t Kyle, was just posting my opinion before the idiots come in start pointing fingers and blaming people…the media(aka the idiot Mikey Miss) is trying to make something of it. It was a preemptive defense for the players lol

  3. Did Howard “The King of Bling (Burger King)” Eskin report any new injuries from this night out?

  4. all the guys were there last night. seemed like an end of the year party. all behaved respectably, including your boy carts.. had vip in mur mur and then disappeared to gamble late in the night. not doing anything wrong by my account, seasons overrrr

  5. You know what, I like this. It would be worse if they just all didn’t want to be around each other after their last official team get together. In other words, they’re cohesive enough as a team to commiserate together, inside of infighting.
    And Rain Man wasn’t a “rehtard”. He was an “idiot savant”, or he was an “awtistic savant” for the PC shyteheels.
    And yes, this is really the real IBMcG this early for a change (had a Dr’s appt.). You can always verify this through my typepad: which show ONLY THE TRUE REAL COMMENTS THAT I MAKE, not that immatation crap by that rehtarded imposter poster.

  6. This was a team event, they had the same thing last year…not just them going to AC for the hell of it…and that girl by G is a ice girl. It was not optional.

  7. Tom- If the Flyers held an official team outing to the casino two days after being blown out, I’m going to have a problem with that.

  8. It was a Flyers event..they had the same thing las year at end of season..I agree this year maybe they should have moved the location to some place like Future Fitness Gym hahahaha…It was management that had this event for them. Prob had to book way ahead, was really quiet at Borgata last night anyway…had a family member there for a conference.

  9. Tom- I remember last year, considering the run they had. But you know that for sure it was a planned event this year? Trying to do some digging

  10. girl with them is not an ice girl. i know them all and she is def not one. not sure who she is. this proba was a planned event though, bc i was there and literally the whole team was there.

  11. yeah i highly doubt the ice girls are “allowed” to socialize with the flyers players

  12. O’Donnell was there too, I was in an elevator with him last night.

  13. Kyle,
    I go to school at Virginia Tech which is in Washington bandwagon sports central. Being out of the Philly sports market, I use your site to keep me in the know during those long boring lectures. Carts conquests, Shut up wheels, and Mike Richards shitty yankees hats all make 9 a.m. greek mythology that much interesting. Keep up the good work. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  14. Hahahahah “Eldub the Hokie” hahahahaha….
    @ Britany: I forgot about that in the Hangover. Haven’t seen it since it came out. Have to watch it again now the new one is coming out.
    By the way, it sounds more like “rittard”, the rit sounding like tit, and the emphessis on the tard:


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