Michael Richards Speaks… Live From Cabo


Flyers beat reporter Chuck Gormley got Michael Richards to break his silence… from Cabo.

Between Tim Panaccio’s doomsday reporting, Lavs’ comments, and the expected fallout from a second round abortion, El Capitan has been getting from all sides. Given that he's in Cabo, that may be both figuratively and literally true.

Richards told Gormley that it’s sunny and 85 every day in Cabo, and that he had to hang back while Carts and Car Bomb went jet skiing. His hand is no longer in a cast, it is in a small split for the next four weeks. He says he is more upset about the way the season ended than he is with the stuff being said about him, but understands most of that comes from his dealings with the media.

Q: What have you learned, especially in dealing with the media?

A: I don’t know. You’ve got to calm yourself down before you go to the media. Maybe I need to take about five or ten minutes to calm myself and gather my thoughts and then go in there and choose my words wiser. Sometimes you try to joke around or say things that get blown up. You’ve got to realize that everything you say can be taken the wrong way and you have to be careful.


Perhaps his “nerd!!!!” Tweet would have never happened if he took five.

Richards has full confidence in Bob, and builds a pretty reasonable case for why we should too.

Q: As captain, would you like to see the team address that this summer and get a No. 1 goalie?

A: I have full confidence in Bob (Sergei Bobrovsky) coming in and playing well. If you look at what he was accustomed to before coming to the NHL, that’s a lot of games for a goaltender who switches over. You saw how well he played in the beginning of the year when he was rested, strong and feeling good about himself. It’s a long season and sometimes you get tired out. As a player who has been there before you make adjustments, train differently and learn as you go and I think Bob is going to do that. He’s going to be a good goaltender in this league and hopefully I can go through it with him.


Ah yes, the always sane “we’re humans and may just be tired” reasoning. Bob may still be a year or two away, but Michael has a good point.

On Lavs:

Q: A lot has been made in the past two weeks about the relationship between Peter Laviolette and you. How would you describe it?

A: I would say it’s a typical player-coach relationship. I’m not the loudest, most outgoing guy. I probably could be better. But we go out for breakfast on the road some mornings just to go over things and catch up. We talk a lot. I was shocked to see an article that said we didn’t talk for months. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it was shocking to hear. We probably talk once every two weeks about everything. We’ll have conversations about power play, conversations about different players. I played with a lot of people this year on my line and we talked about that a ton. Yeah, it’s a work in progress. Like I said, I’m a pretty quiet guy to everybody. Even talk to my dad. We’re just quiet people. We don’t make excuses, we don’t complain. We’re not just going to babble about anything. It’s no different than with Lavvy. Could it be better? Maybe. But at the same time, we talk a lot about a lot of things. We bounce a lot of ideas off each other and that’s what coaches and players do.


You can read the rest here. It’s a must read.

Fist pound to (@dxflyers) for the heads up


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  1. El Capitan has been getting from all sides. Given that he’s in Cabo, that may be both figuratively and literally true.
    Well done. I really love this site. You do an amazing job with it, and I truly mean that. Just wanted to let you know! 🙂

  2. People need to get off of this guy’s case. I’ve said on here many times…MOST FLYERS FANS ARE IDIOTS. They listen to what our wonderful TV media says and they run with it because they wouldn’t understand the sport if it walked up and smacked them in the face. The media is just butt-hurt because Richy doesn’t give the great one-liners and sound bytes Pronger does. Boo-fucking-hoo.
    If/when Richards has a solid next season I hope every hater out there eats crow…

  3. Leah… I think the beginning of any good relationship starts with a sharing of common things together… as it stands from one post I can tell already, we are soul mates.
    1. You follow the Flyers and your a girl…
    thats technically the only check but I will go on.
    2. You support Mike Richards and would be okay with wearing a Richards jersey.
    3. You read Kyle Scott and the Crossing Broad website as do I. (later on in the “exploring seasonality phase of our relationship we can talk about possibly including him in our “fun time”)
    4. You use the smilies at the end of comments.
    Alright the last one probably isn’t important but can we date now? I have seen enough to know we are soul mates.

  4. I can’t tell is iwj514 is trolling or is just really really desperate…

  5. The media here doesn’t like that Richards (or any athlete playing here) is a quiet and reserved guy. That’s just the way he is.

  6. Just what i thought. ‘Pannotch’ is a lying midget that just makes shit up.

  7. Great interview – thanks for the link.
    Richie is showing tremendous poise here as captain. I believe in this dude. He will definitely retain the captaincy. One of the best two way forwards in the game today. Proud he wears the orange and black and proud he wears the C.
    Rest up 1-8 get well.

  8. Great interview.. Thank god someone has finally proven that Richie can actually be polite/interesting/insightful when given the chance and when respected by the media..
    Btw- G is in Cabo with them too, not just Carts and Carbomb 🙂

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