Michael Vick’s Battered Dog Received a Key to the City of Dallas

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 4.13.55 PMThere's a dog in that photo

No, really. He did.

Remember back in February when we told you that Michael Vick was given a – somewhat unsanctioned – key to the city of Dallas by Pro Tem Mayor Dwaine Caraway, and then the owner of one of Vick's dogs tried to make Vick look bad by tailing him with a camera? Well… now, apparently in an effort to reverse the horrific PR move by Caraway, one of Vick's most brutalized dogs, Mel, has been bestowed with the city's "highest honor."

[Dallas Observer]

Goes like this: Mel was one of Vick's bait dogs, meaning he was a canine piñata. He was beaten daily by Vick and his cronies to kill his fighting spirit. Once "de-fanged" of his will, Mel was thrown into a pit with prized fighting dogs who practiced their aggression on the hapless, defenseless — and, even worse, muzzled — victim.

A blocking dummy, but with a pulse.

Fast-forward a year and Mel is doing much better. No longer scared shitless, he allows strangers to pet him and even frolics in the dog park.


The key, of course, was edible.


via Deadspin

Video of Mel after the jump. Ooooo uuse soo cute.

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26 Responses

  1. Yet again bringing to light the disgusting, vile, soulless creature Vick is. Get him out of here. He makes me sick!

  2. And here come the “I cant let go of the past” idiots. I’ll just say one thing. Donte Stallworth killed a man.
    End of discussion.

  3. stupid people do stupid things, relax everybody. mike vick is a totally different person now

  4. Loki I agree with you to an extent but Stallworth didnt decide one morning to go out and kill someone.. He got shit faced and got behind the wheel of a car and it accidentally happened. Vick on the other hand consciously did some thing cruel and wrong, over and over. Both are horrible but I do not think they are comparable.

  5. hey reid, what vick did wasn’t “stupid”. it was the behavior of a depraved sociopath. calling him simply stupid is nowhere near accurate enough.

  6. Drew when you sit behind a wheel under the influence, you’re pretty much asking to kill someone. Not to mention Vick himself never killed a dog with his own hands. He funded the ring.
    Does that absolve him? no, it’s still wrong and he deserved his punishment.
    I’m just tired of seeing these PETA-esq nutcases always all over this story of Vick. Get over it. He served what his peers deemed worthy of his crime. Move the fuck on from it. These are probably the same people who kick their dogs anyway.
    Pot meet kettle.

  7. I can’t let go of the past. Those dogs didn’t get their future, so why should we let go of their past. What Vick did was sick, and he served time, but he himself said he would have shortened it, which leads me to believe he doesn’t think much of his crime. Why should I accept this person?

  8. To offer a different perspective,.
    I’m not sure that economics of transportation will ever drive us to become Locavores. Oil is but a sparse fraction of the cost of transport and distribution!!!!!!!!

  9. Eagles fans. Blindly accepting societal menaces in their delusion that they’ll ever make it anywhere with Reid as coach.

  10. I had more fun watching Vick play last year than the last 6 years of eagles football combined. So…I guess I…hate…and want to kill…dogs?
    I heard he ripped a dogs hind leg off with his bare hands for not scratching it’s nuts correctly. Mike Vick: Stern but fair.

  11. Stallworth got drunk, went home and went to sleep. woke up to go to the beach and hit a guy who was crossing the busy street not in a crosswalk. Stallworth would’ve gotten away with it with no charges but he wanted to be held accountable for his actions. No way that Stallworth’s and Vicks crimes are even in the same ballpark.

  12. I love the girl who commented on this story and said none of vick’s dogs get future so why does he? …. you do realize that this story that you commented on is about one of his dogs’ future, right?

  13. Ehh I guess we both can’t meet eye to eye loki. When people drink and drive they are using bad judgement, they are not thinking “im going to kill someone.” They are usually thinking ” meh I only had a few, home is 5 miles away.”
    Also.. “The same way you unknowingly accept child molesters, murderers and racist
    s in your daily life.”
    Wtf? Of course we unknowingly accept it because we don’t fucking know! We might like Vick if we didnt know he killed animals. And for the record he did kill some of the dogs, read “Lost Dogs,” the man was a monster but we both agree he paid his time and he should get a second chance.

  14. Loki, you are clueless. It has nothing to do with crazy PETA lovers, or whatever you’re stating. It has to do with the fact that this was done maliciously, intentionally, and repetitively without any thought, care or empathy to the animals, who, by the way, are DEFENSELESS, INNOCENT creatures. Just as it is despicable for those who molest children and anyone/thing else who doesn’t have a voice or the ability to protect him or herself.
    You can all say he has paid his debt until you’re blue in the face, you will not convince most people with a soul, heart, and moral compass that he is a change person. What he did was the action of a sociopath. If you listened to his press conference when he came to Philadelphia he admitted that he didn’t think what he did was that bad until animal lovers told him so. Then he changed his tune moments later, probably realizing that mistake, and said he knew it was wrong and was sorry. Changed man, or just reading from a script?
    He is disingenuous, greedy, and heartless. Plain and simple.

  15. It’s fine that we don’t see eye to eye Drew. It happens. You bring up valid points. I respect that. However, read the plea agreement(I don’t have it downloaded anymore), he was to accept that he personally killed dogs if he wanted a lighter sentence.
    As for Jenn, I’m ever so sorry you never made mistakes. I forgot about that. Let me take down down cultural lane:
    In the depths of the south, dogfighting is part of life. So if someone is brought up that this is NOT wrong and is NOT told it is wrong, who’s to say he’s wrong? So finally, when he was caught and told what he did was wrong, he admitted his guilt, did his time and that’s that. It is people like you who won’t let it die when a man is trying to atone for his mistake.
    Another fun tidbit: In mexico, Cock fighting is all the rage. You wanna go down there adn tell them it’s wrong? Be my guest.
    Also, because I believe he is changed(ing?), I have no heart, soul or moral compass? I think maybe it is time for you to step back, come down from YOUR moral high horse and take a look at the world and start learning.
    SNake, 5 dogs, used to have 3 ferrets, a bird and 2 Lizards. Both Lizards lived 4 years(lifespan is 3-5), Snake is 14 years old, bird is 9(given to a new family since we could not afford to take care of it), 2 ferrets who outlived their average lifespan by 2 years before dying, the 3rd given to an elderly home for those that live there. Oldest dog is 13(average lifespan 10), 5 dogs currently living with my family range from 1 to 9 years old, all fit, healthy and loved.
    So thanks for trying. You can return to your bridge troll.

  16. Loki, to your point.. Pedro Martinez was caught in 2008 in a cockfighting ring in his home country where it is legal. I don’t remember this public bashing and outrage over him playing on the Phillies by PETA or all of the other ‘animal lovers.’

  17. Exactly my point Matt. Thank you. I guess a dog’s life is more valuable than a Rooster’s life. Pot. Meet Kettle.

  18. You people are f*cking pathetic. Growing up with dog fighting and not being told it’s wrong is no excuse. When they hear the dog crying in pain, they know it isn’t right. But they do it because they want too. They enjoy it. Anyone who disagrees is a f-ing moron. For those people who put down animal lovers and say dumb sh*t about us loving animals more than humans or caring more about animals, that obviously isn’t true. We care about both EQUALLY. This post is not about rape, or child abuse. It is about what Vick did to dogs. You can’t care about human beings and not care about animals. We are supposed to care about both and not harm any living thing (except bugs)

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