Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 4.13.55 PMThere's a dog in that photo

No, really. He did.

Remember back in February when we told you that Michael Vick was given a – somewhat unsanctioned – key to the city of Dallas by Pro Tem Mayor Dwaine Caraway, and then the owner of one of Vick's dogs tried to make Vick look bad by tailing him with a camera? Well… now, apparently in an effort to reverse the horrific PR move by Caraway, one of Vick's most brutalized dogs, Mel, has been bestowed with the city's "highest honor."

[Dallas Observer]

Goes like this: Mel was one of Vick's bait dogs, meaning he was a canine piñata. He was beaten daily by Vick and his cronies to kill his fighting spirit. Once "de-fanged" of his will, Mel was thrown into a pit with prized fighting dogs who practiced their aggression on the hapless, defenseless — and, even worse, muzzled — victim.

A blocking dummy, but with a pulse.

Fast-forward a year and Mel is doing much better. No longer scared shitless, he allows strangers to pet him and even frolics in the dog park.


The key, of course, was edible.


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Video of Mel after the jump. Ooooo uuse soo cute.