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Unlike those faux Greek-Spanish whatever the hell you want to call them folks from Wednesday night, Doc's Patients, once again, show us how it's done- last night, rocking the Los Pacientes banner for Cinco de Mayo. Simple. Topical. Subtly hilarious.

On a related note, Paul Hagen has a good story in today's Inky talking about why attendance can vary at sold out games.

Hagen raised an eyebrow over his thick-rimmed glasses as to why there are always available seats at CBP and why "sold out" attendance figures vary from day to day. []

For starters, they hold back 500 standing-room-only tickets that go on sale 4 hours before each game. They generally have what's described as "limited" tickets available for impulse purchasers.

"It's mostly standing-room-only. But the Dodgers games in early June, we have limited tickets available. It might be a hundred, it might be 200. So, yes, it's limited but most of it's standing room," explained John Weber, vice president of sales and ticket operations.

Go to StubHub, though, and as of late yesterday afternoon there were more than 2,400 tickets on sale for tonight's game against the Braves. For the three-game series against the Red Sox at the end of June, the website lists more than 4,000 seats for sale for each of the games. That's nearly 10 percent of the listed capacity.


You probably already knew that about standing-room tickets, but about those StubHub tickets… the Phillies claim that they do not put any of their own inventory (marked-up) on StubHub. However, they no longer allow season ticket holders to trade-in unwanted tickets. Instead, they must now post the tickets to StubHub, MLB's partner.

As for the varying attendance numbers, that has everything to do with the number of folks sitting in suites. If a suite orders additional tickets for a game, that drives up the total attendance, obviously. 

Of course, you can search ALL available tickets on the secondary market, including StubHub, at Crossing Broad Tickets. Often times the other less popular sites have better deals – that whole supply vs. demand thing – than StubHub. For example, you can get tickets to this weekend's series against the Braves for as low as $20 right here. Promotion!