Last night, just before Cole Hamels hit his triple off the top of the wall, Chris Wheeler pretty much predicted success at the plate for Hamels. You be the judge.

Wheels: Very few guys get real good swings off Livan Hernandez when he’s on. You have no idea what’s coming or what location it’s going to be in or any idea of the speed. And he’s below Major League speed, really, when he throws his fastball, kind of like Chris Young was on Sunday night. I was thinking the guy that had the best chance to get a hit on Sunday night was Lee.

T-Mac: – Chris Griffin laugh – He hit it pretty hard, too, that one time… [Thanks, T-Mac]

Wheels: That’s a good speed for a pitcher.


Hamels then ripped an 85 M.P.H. fastball for a triple, proving that, despite his incessant prattling, Wheels does know his stuff.

He then, of course, rubbed it in our faces:

Perfect speed for a pitcher, these guys. See, the hitters can't hit these guys, because they don't throw hard enough. But the pitchers, that speed is just perfect for them. 


OK, we get it. Good job, Chris.

We said all along that Hamels was going to be first guy to hit a home run for the Phillies.



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Just like with Lee the other night off Chris Young, it’s just the perfect speed for a pitcher. Whereas if you’re an everyday major league player, that fastball, it’s too slow.


SHUT UP! Screw this post. Drink 10.

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