Nationals Bloggers Convey Their Butt-Hurtedness Through Written Word (and Pictures)

Phillies_fans_nationalsPhoto via Dan Steinberg

Yes, I know that's not a word. Deal with it.

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any more pathetic and miserable for Nationals fans… well, it does.

Let’s set the scene: Memorial Day in our nation’s capital. Surely the hometown team would draw raucous crowds and pull on our renewed patriotism to work up at least one home field advantage this year, right? Wrong.

Dan Steinberg, who runs the Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog, chronicled his experience at yesterday's game.

Now, I’m supposed to be neutral and all that, but jeez, when the enemy arrives en masse, you have to kind of close ranks. I imagine it’s not totally unlike all those left-wing hippie pinkos from New York suddenly being cool with patriotism after 9/11.

In fact, I even exchanged my first rude words with a Philly fan in my life, if I’m not mistaken. I went to visit my dear friend Rick Maese in right field, right in the pit of baby-blue-hued PH-t-shirt-gimmicky nonsense, and I had to walk past six Phillies fans to get to Rick’s seats. When I left a few minutes later, one of the fans rolled her eyes at me. “Ahhhh, if you don’t like it, go back to Philly,” were my words, more or less . How I wish she had thrown her beer on me.


Baby-blue-hued PH-t-shirt— nice.

It’s important to note that Steinberg is essentially the leading voice in Washington sports (or at least that’s my view from afar). It’s one thing to have a trivial blogger lament the presence of big bad Phillies fans, it’s another to have someone from the Washington Post do it.

Oh hey, look, a trivial blogger – the same one who made that horrid YouTube video about Phillies fans invading D.C. – talked about the number of Phillies fans who are from the greater D.C. area:

Metro should not be packed with Phillies fans as I highly doubt they boarded the Amtrak in Philly and rode it down to Union Station to hop on the green line train to Navy Yard. The Phillies fans from Philly either drive or ride on a chartered bus. The Phillies fans on the Metro are from Maryland, D.C., or Virginia. Bandwagon fans have always annoyed me. When I was young we called them posers, and a better term hasn’t been found until now.


No, David, they’re just fans of winning baseball. But hey, perhaps tonight Nats fans can expect a better turnout. It’s Twisted Tasting Tuesday at Nationals Park. Fans 21 and older can purchase a $36 ticket, which includes one can of… you guessed it, Twisted Tea.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Washington Nationals.

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23 Responses

  1. OMG someone rolled their eyes at him..Lucky he didn’t have a snowball thrown at him or get puked on..ha

  2. “Ahhhh, if you don’t like it, go back to Philly,”
    We will dude, relax. 2 more wins and we’ll all be heading back to Philly.

  3. there are tons of philly fans in D.C because it’s such a commuter town although I disagree with Kyle saying they are a fan of winning baseball, how could a long-time philly fan say that with a straight face. VIOLATION ON KYLE SCOTT: not allowed to post another article for at least 4 hours.

  4. I think the guy has a valid point; we hate bandwagoners just as much as they do. “They’re just fans of winning baseball” is the same argument used by Yankees fans who live in Philadelphia and gave up on the team in the late-90’s.
    Yes, the DC area has a ton of non-natives (I’m one of them), so I don’t think he really worded his argument very well. But I think his real beef is with those fans that are from DC and still root for the Phils just because we’re a winning team. As someone who spend my entire childhood HATING it every time I saw a Yankees or Braves hat on the trolley, I can get behind that sentiment.
    So I think these articles are less a reflection of their writers; I think their intention is to point out really how bad their own fans are. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

  5. I grew up in Philly & moved to Hoboken. I brought my love of the Phillies with me, and there’s even a bar here now dedicated to Philly sports teams. I spent this weekend shuttling between ShitiField & CBP South and wouldn’t have it any other way. The subway in NYC & the DC Metro were packed with Phillies phans. We don’t all roll in coach buses.
    And nothing is more exciting than attending an “away” game that looks and feels like a home game. Did anyone catch the harassment of Jayson Werth on the telecast? Right field didn’t let up throughout most of the game. It was fantastic fun!

  6. How about the harassment of that rodriguez guy after the balk? oh man, you could only hear those guys screaming.

  7. Jeez! And I thought Mess fans were first class whiners! C’mon now, gNats fans (all two dozen or so of you), grow a pair, fill your park and support your team. That way, you won’t have to cry like five-year olds denied candy before dinner when fans of other teams invade en masse.

  8. I was there yesterday. It was ridiculous how Phils fans outnumbered Nats fans. At some point I almost felt embarrassed, thinking back to how Mets fans used to takeover the Vet when the Phils were bad. Part of me just worried about the karma like if/when the Nats get good, they’ll be giving it back to us big time.

  9. That picture from Mr Debsums up baseball in DC perfectly…I think I see about 7 people total in the background.

  10. The game was loads of fun. I’m a Philadelphia native and Phillies fan living in DC (not a bandwagon fan, good sir), and I’ve been to games @ the Nats before. There have been outstanding numbers of Phillies fans before, but nothing like today. The stadium was dominated by Phillies fans, and from the “Chooch” chants, you couldn’t tell the game wasn’t in Philly.

  11. I grew up in PA and moved to Richmond, VA Last I checked I didn’t need to hang my Philly pride at the state lines, nor am I to avoid PUBLIC transportation. Furthermore D.C. represents the United States which, I could be mistaken here, but includes PA, right?
    What a doucher!

  12. Grew up in Philly, have been a fan since 1983, live in VA.
    STFU! Us selling out your stadium helps you pay that $126 million for the man hitting just .205 w/ runners in scoring position.

  13. I figure that if our stadium wasn’t sold out for 2 solid seasons now, we might not need to travel to see our boys play the cellar dwellers. But, we are & we do. They should thank us for helping pay for their stadium & stop complaining! Without us they might lose their 3rd (I think) team.
    FWIW I think we’ll travel en mass as long as our team continues to be competitive. With Ruben at the helm, I think we have years and years before we need to worry about anything.

  14. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Perhaps we shouldn’t go to so many games and help them sell tickets that they can’t even sell for $1 or whatever.
    By the way, there are so many transplants in DC in addition to the scores of people who travel down from the Philadelphia area. Clearly, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    And like I say, I love bandwagon fans. They make our team financially stronger! Just ask the Yankees and Red Sox how bandwagon fans work out for them…
    That is exactly why when I go to away stadiums, I do by best to make sure I am not financially supporting the other team. I like to buy cheap tickets in the secondary markets like Crossing Broad Tickets or StubHub. Why make the competition stronger???

  15. I was there yesterday, and it was like playing “Where’s the Washington Fan?” A lot of fun and some of the Nat’s fans were actually pretty good natured about it. One asked a Phillies fan near me “Hey, you guys gonna win today or what?” Glad I didn’t have to deal with these whiny bitches.
    SPEAKING of whiny bitches, gNats fans aren’t the only ones who didn’t appreciate our presence. As an earlier comment said, phans were giving JDub a pretty rough time in right, no matter what he did on the field. I saw him exchange words with a few of them from my seat in sec 132, and then take a super long time to get his .205 hitting ass back into the field next inning. I can’t prove this, but I’m pretty sure he tried to have a guy in my section thrown out. The dude was yelling at him as he ran onto the field, and Jayson yelled back “SIT DOWN SIT DOWN.” Then security came over to talk to the dude about his behavior and I am about 98.9% sure I heard the security guy say “He wants you out.” Jayson watched the whole thing from his spot in left, where it was all he could do to stand up straight. I hate to dramatize it into more than it was..but really Jayson? Suck it the hell up.

  16. does this guy forget that the Nationals didnt even exsit in DC before a couple of years? They were the Expos, in Montreal, which is in friggin CANADA! So its normal, IMO, there will be more fans cheering for the Phillies in DC and Virginia and maybe Maryland (if they dont root for the Orioles) than there will be for the Nats. Wow, why all the hate on Philly teams so much? When we lose we deserve it, when we win, we’re rude, cocky, and outright trash.

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