FOX Was Running Shit on Saturday

Joe_buck_shirtPhoto via (@roscocosmopeco– Jesus Christ, nice name)

You wouldn't expect anything different, would you?

On Saturday, Deadspin reported – via our friend @jerseyshorejen – that security guards at the Phillies game made folks turn their "I Hate Joe Buck" shirts inside out. Never mind that whole freedom of speech thing, nowhere on the back of a Phillies ticket does it say anything about what you can and can't wear to a game.

[Side note: I don't understand why everyone hates Joe Buck. Here's my rant from a previous post.

I’m one of the few people in the city who actually likes Joe Buck. – ducks – Most comments I see from you accuse Joe of being a corny Philly hater. He may be corny – I’d call it ironic – but he doesn’t hate Philly. He just has to play both sides. We’ve been lucky enough to have him call many of our games over the last few years (that means we’re good). And because of that, we’ve heard a lot about how good our opponents are, too. However, if you watch a game through the lens of a fan from a visiting city, you’d most likely come away feeling the same way about Buck, who I’m pretty sure has given Chase Utley the on-air equivalent of a hand job many times since this run began in 2007.]

This isn't the first time someone has been asked to turn their t-shirt inside out at Citizens Bank Park. A couple readers have told me that their unlicensed shirts, produced by some other blogs, met a similar fate at the gate (pooooet!). None of those shirts, not the Joe Buck ones nor the ones worn by readers, contained any vulgarity or language that would be considered offensive- unless, of course, you consider Buck to be offensive, the way many of you do.

It's not known whether or not FOX requested that the Buck shirts be turned inside out (Buck wasn't even working the game). However, the Phillies, as an organization, seem to be getting a little too big for their britches (I would love to hear about more Phillies big-timing via email).

But here's one thing FOX was all over:

Yesterday, I posted a picture of this guy, who wore a dog costume to the game.

It seems I was played.

The costume is the same one worn by Wilfred, the lead character in an Australian sitcom…. which will be making its debut on FX later this month.

Wilfred not only showed up in the picture on our site, but he was also – coincidentally – shown on the FOX broadcast at the start of the 4th inning. Guerilla Pooch marketing? You bet. 


The announcers never mentioned his appearance, the same practice they employed back in 2009, when The Observer, a character from Fringe, randomly showed up during FOX baseball games (thanks Dan).

They've always put their actors in seats for major events, but this move is a little more subtle. Marketing!

*I checked to see if FOX's national broadcast needs were partially responsible for the poor decision to start the game on-time, despite the impending rain. It doesn't look like they were. There was no sure sign of a storm. Rather, right around game time (20:00 UTC), a number of storms popped up out of nowhere. They get a pass on that.


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  1. The ’09 opening day (night) game I was told to turn my “World Phucking Champions” shirt inside out. But, I suppose that’s because they consider it to be vulgar.

  2. Buck is less annoying than Wheels. EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. No contest on which of the two I’d toss out of a moving car along I-95 or the Blue Route…

  3. Wouldn’t mind them making people turn their “ill” shirts inside out. I was down the shore Memorial Day Weekend and saw kids on the beach wearing “ill” tanktops. Such disgust.

  4. For the all hate directed toward TMac and Wheels, I don’t know why people are so anti-Buck. He’s way better than they are. I don’t particularly like him, but between he and McCarver, McCarver is way more annoying. And Bobby Valentine is the worst.

  5. The new Sunday Night Baseball crew is awful all around. I don’t hate Wheels or TMac, I think Wheels actually knows his baseball stuff, but TMac is way to stat based for me. He just doesn’t have the energy that Franzke has. TMac would probably be better off being a commentator as opposed to play-by-play. Maybe one day we will have the pleasure of Franzke/LA on TV.

  6. The use of “ill” is the same as “bling”: when it becomes mainstream, it’s no longer gangsta. And that’s when it gets oolllld.

  7. I am with you on Joe Buck. While Buck looks douchey and annoying, he’s actually an extremely talented and knowledgeable play-by-play guy. His cadence is quick and he doesn’t drone on and on like Tom McCarthy. His rapport with McCarver (who’s unmatched in terms of stories and insider factoids/tidbits) is underrated.
    National Play-By-Play top five: 1. Matt Vasgergian 2.Dan Shulman 3. Joe Buck 4.Thom Brennaman 5. Sean McDonough

  8. The problem I have with Joe Buck as well as most of the “play-by-play” announcers is that they don’t “call” the game. What ever happened to the announcer who actually called the game instead of talk about random facts that most people couldn’t care less about? It’s the same with the three-headed monster during most hockey games. There’s so much nonsense talk during the game instead of actually calling it. Watch an old game with Gene Hart and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  9. I hate Joe Buck. He has absolutely NO entusiasm toward EITHER side. That said, I’ll take him over Bobby Valentine any day of the week. Valentine is just a complete and total idiot…at least Buck generally knows what he’s talking about. I like Buck better than those TBS guys, too.
    I used to love Jon Miller when he was commentating for ESPN. He showed enthusiasm for both sides, and was just a great overall commentator. Oh well.

  10. I don’t hate Joe Buck either. He’s competent and does good work on broadcasts, nothing more, nothing less. His job is merely to call the game, to show enthusiasm for either team is, in my mind, ridiculous and uncalled for, especially during a regional or national broadcast where he has to be unbiased. As for McCarver, I have better things to do with my time than to get worked up over him.

  11. Kyle, If you need a refresher on why Philly fans hate Buck. Go back and pull out your recordings of the 2008 NLCS. You could hear how depressed he was every time the Phills had a great play, Of course after he got done saying how great the Dodgers are. It was obvious that he had a strong distaste for the Phillies. Don’t be a Buck apologist without doing as I requested. Please.

  12. go back…….. listen to it…… and it will come…..
    Your Buck hate will come back, you just forgot why he’s a big POS that will never, and I repeat “NEVER” fill his dad’s shoes. Seriously listen to the hateraide flow……

  13. I’ve listened to past performances of Buck doing Phillies games. My conclusion: you people REALLY need to get a life.

  14. Buck is everything wrong with sports today. He shows no emotion. He understands the game in a mechanical way and doesn’t care about the fluid beauty behind the game.
    He once went on a tangent about umpires calling strikes, that really meant, “I don’t really like baseball.” He has his cookie-cutter calls which results in a bland broadcast. He doesn’t know enough about any team to provide good background information and ends up saying things that are quite simply not true. 08 World Series, “Madson has the best changeup on this team.” Really? Not Cole fucking Hamels who just dominated the NLCS and World Series? The Cubs won their first playoffs series in however many years and he was talking about Kerry Wood’s wife! He called Randy Moss faux-moon of the Green Bay fans “a disgusting act” without explaining WHY he did it. My guess, he didn’t know why. Remember when he just decided a black man in the stands was John Mayberry Sr? How about saying “Ryan Howard has carried this team since April” when he had been batting .110 early on. What about his boring Red Sox 04 call? He had weeks to come up with something good and instead it was fucking bland and boring. We need to put him on trial for crimes against sports. Personally, I will celebrate his death and/or retirement from broadcasting so that I can listen to someone who isn’t a terrible broadcaster.
    Fuck Joe Buck.
    Fuck his stupid weasel hair.
    Fuck his ability to land a job because of his daddy.
    Fuck Fox for thinking he should cover everything.
    Fuck Fox for thinking he should ever cover anything.
    Fuck national sports coverage.
    Fuck their reliance on cliches.
    Fuck our willingness to accept mediocre broadcasting.

  15. Fuck Mobb Deep.
    Fuck Biggie.
    Fuck Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew.
    Fuck you too.

  16. @Kyle, LOL! dude, you must listen again.. OPEN your mind….. OPENNNN yyour miiind…..
    Sory, Kuato was just typing away there for a bit, hold on.. Down Kuato!! Down dammit!! Anyway…
    @Sam, I think he was actually quoted saying he “doesn’t watch sports” and “I don’t enjoy baseball anymore.” all in the same interview. Poor Joey hates his job.

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