UPDATE: Lenny Dykstra Facing Auto Theft and Drug Charges

And how’s your Monday? Just another day in the Dykstra Zone? I think so.

At least this one doesn't involve him whipping his dick out to an unsuspecting housekeeper: Nails, in accusations unrelated to his April arrest (embezzling from bankruptcy estate), will be arraigned later today on charges of auto theft and drugs, according to TMZ.

Sources connected with the criminal probe tell TMZ … Dykstra got a heads up this weekend, informing him the Los Angeles County Grand Jury has indicted him.  Dykstra was told he'll be arraigned later today. Sources tell TMZ the charges include auto theft, identity theft, and drug allegations.

Our sources also say Dykstra won't be alone — his accountant will be a co-defendant.

Sources say the L.A. County District Attorney plans to recommend that bail be set at $500,000 for Dykstra … but we're told that amount could change.


Nothing surprises me anymore, really.

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UPDATE: What were the drugs? Cocaine, ecstasy, HGH, ya know.


Dykstra, 48, was charged with 25 misdemeanor and felony counts of grand theft auto, attempted grand theft auto, identity theft and other crimes, said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. He faces up to 12 years in state prison if convicted.

His accountant and a friend were charged in connection with the alleged auto theft but not with drug crimes, Robison said.

Prosecutors contend that the three men tried to lease high-end cars from dealers this year by providing phony information and claiming credit through a phony business called Home Free Systems.

Two dealerships rejected the lease applications but a third allowed the men to drive off with three cars, according to a statement from the district attorney's office.

Police who arrested Dykstra on April 14 found cocaine, Ecstasy and the synthetic human growth hormone Somatropin at his San Fernando Valley home, the statement said.


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  2. Hello!
    This is an old incident and i know about it because i read and heard in a newspaper and TV. He also had a drug interview. Did you know about it.

  3. Counselors at rehab facilities are trained to help you dig into these underlying issues, make sense of them and help you build new coping skills that don’t rely on substance use.

  4. It would have been better to show side by side images one of the person in the old happy work or social environment with friends or family and next one of the same person on the streets begging, stealing, shooting up, etc.

  5. Everyone has difficulties in life, don’t judge people, we don’t know the whole story. Anyone could be on his place; hope he got his lesson.

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